Thoughts on the Johnathon Martin - Ritchie Incognito situation?

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I am honestly not even sure if Martin is behind this.

It might be Martin's parents.

Martin texted Incognito saying he wasnt mad at him and that it wasnt his fault he left. Martin doesn't even stand behind Martin.

This situation is very bizarre.
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That Martin olive branch text to Richie was explained. He initially feared backlash and retribution.

Martin by all accounts is a weak personality.
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That is a decent explanation. Does not mean that I buy it though because it would be very very short sighted. By that time he had to be thinking about going public and then it makes a "cover my butt" text pointless.

Martin had to know all of those other texts (1100 of them according to the interview between Glazer and Incognito) existed. What did he think happened to them? I mean Martin is still just a kid relatively speaking but....I personally think he genuinely was remorseful not trying to cover himself he had already decided to leave and possibly go public at that point.
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What they say?
Martin texted Incognito a week before the infamous voicemail saying that "he (Martin) would kill his (Incognito) whole effing family". Incognito said this was them normally joking around and he did not take it a serious threat from Martin (Duh)

Just more evidence to the fact that they were "friends" and Martin was saying one thing to one person and another thing to another person (two faced).

According to Incognito there was like 1,100 texts between them since Martin became a Dolphin. Sounds like friends to me.
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Incognito says Martin sent him threatening text

Incognito: Martin sent threatening text
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(AP Photo/Bill Feig, File)

AP Sports Writer

MIAMI (AP) Suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito says teammate Jonathan Martin sent him a threatening text message as an apparent joke only a week before their relationship became the subject of a harassment case that has prompted an NFL investigation.

In an interview with Fox Sports televised Sunday, Incognito said he never took the threat seriously. Incognito said he regrets the racist and profane language he used with Martin, but said it stemmed from a culture of locker-room "brotherhood," not bullying.

"A week before this went down, Jonathan Martin texted me on my phone - `I will murder your whole ... family,'" Incognito said, quoting Martin as using a profanity. "Now did I think Jonathan Martin was going to murder my family? Not one bit. ... I knew it was coming from a brother. I knew it was coming from a friend. I knew it was coming from a teammate. That just puts in context how we communicate with one another."

Incognito said Martin sent him a friendly text four days after leaving the team to undergo counseling for emotional issues. The message came on the heels of the Dolphins' overtime victory against Cincinnati.

"Wassup man? The world's gone crazy lol. I'm good tho congrats on the win," Martin said in a text verified by Fox Sports. "Yeah I'm good man. It's insane bro but just know I don't blame you guys at all. It's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little."

Neither Martin's agent nor attorney responded to requests for comment from The Associated Press.

Martin left the team two weeks ago, and his attorney alleges the second-year pro was harassed daily by teammates, including Incognito. Martin hasn't spoken publicly but will discuss the case late next week with a special investigator hired by the league.

"This isn't an issue about bullying," Incognito told Fox. "This is an issue of my and Jon's relationship. You can ask anyone in the Miami Dolphins' locker room who had Jon Martin's back the absolute most, and they'll undoubtedly tell you me.

"All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood."

Incognito's phone showed 1,142 text messages between the two players over the past year, Fox reported.

The network said Incognito declined to answer only one question: Did coaches order him to toughen up Martin? The NFL will investigate the role of coach Joe Philbin, his staff and Miami management in the case.

The Dolphins (4-4) play for the first time since Incognito was suspended when they face Tampa Bay (0-8) on Monday night.

Incognito is white and Martin is biracial. Teammates both black and white have said Incognito is not a racist, and they've been more supportive of the veteran guard than they have of Martin.

Incognito acknowledged leaving a voicemail for Martin in April in which he used a racist term, threatened to kill his teammate and threatened to slap Martin's mother.

"When I see those words come up across the screen, I'm embarrassed," said Incognito, adding that Martin used the same racist term "a lot."

"I'm embarrassed by my actions. But what I want people to know is the way Jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and our teammates communicate. It's vulgar. It's not right. ... I understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised when people don't know how Jon and I communicate to one another."

Incognito said he never sensed that football or the locker-room culture were getting to Martin.

"As his best friend on the team, that's what has me miffed - how I missed this," Incognito said. "I never saw it coming."

Long labeled one of the NFL's dirtiest players, Incognito acknowledged his reputation for out-of-bounds behavior - and the impact the much-quoted, threatening voicemail has had on his image.

"It sounds terrible. It sounds like I'm a racist pig. It sounds like I'm a meathead. It sounds a lot of things that it's not. ... If you go just by all the knucklehead stuff I've done in the past, you're sitting in your home and thinking, `This guy is a loose cannon. This guy is a terrible person. This guy is a racist.' That couldn't be farther from the truth."

Incognito said if he met with Martin and his family, he would apologize for anything they took as malicious.

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It is true.
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Martin is going to saying he was playing along because he was scared of Richie.

-Sidenote: I really hope this ends with Martin and Incognito coming out and saying that they are actually lovers. And this whole thing is just is a big misunderstanding. Imagine these two dudes on the Own Network, holding hands, saying that the threats of family murder was just their way of saying "I love you babe" :lol:
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Just saw the meme that Martin sent to Incognito (I'll kill your family).

I just don't get what to make of this situation...SO bizarre.


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I am honestly not even sure if Martin is behind this.

It might be Martin's parents.

Martin texted Incognito saying he wasnt mad at him and that it wasnt his fault he left. Martin doesn't even stand behind Martin.

This situation is very bizarre.
his parents? Dude is a grown *** man :lol:
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I am sellout because the N-word does not affect me?


I am more offended when people do not say how they really feel about another person because of political correctness. When people pretend to like someone to keep from "hurting their feelings" it offends me.
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Confused about what? dudes a scumbag/racist enabled by idiot coaches and sellout black players, that said he "went too far"
Oh okay. Did you see the interview?
What part of my statement would make you think I didn't?
I am sellout because the N-word does not affect me?
if you think incognito is justified to use it or believe in the honorary black man crap, yes YOU are a sellout
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