thrift stores

Jul 23, 2007
does anyone know any good thrift stores in the GTA with heat?
If anyone got any cool forces in 11.5-12 pm me.
^ If there are which I'm guessing there are a few, do you think somebody will give up their spot?

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value village, salvation army, keisington(dont know hot to spell) gotta search to find heat.

& Toronto

thanks y'all :D
If anyone got any cool forces in 11.5-12 pm me.
I found pennys at my nearest salvation army thrift store. :pimp:
Not that worn either. :lol:
Our sales tax will kill you. At least we have free health care!
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for thrift store searching, u really gotta have time to spare, theres too much travelling distance to search each store.

and if ur huntin down a shoe, u might need to go once every 2 weeks, and most ppl. just don't got that type of time. its nice though if u walk by and suddenly see the shoe that u wanted for so long.

but like some ppl. have said, (don't know if they were serious or not), but they said to drive across the country and look for garage/yard sales to find OGs
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Toronto thrift stores are picked over on a dialy basis. You gotta head outside the city, like Brantford or Kitchener.

Kids out there don't know what they got sometimes and you're more likely to stumble on some heat.

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