Ticketmaster question Vol: Katt Williams melt down. UPDATE: Video page 2.

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So I went to a Katt Williams show tonight and I want my money back.

Ok the first three comedians were funny. Michael Blackson was hilarious. Then it was Katt's time and hell is a real thing because the show went there. I go into detail when I get home but he lost it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
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He lost it months back in New Mexico. Don't you all learn? He's not worth the money at all
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...dude has been using same  material since '05...seen him live and same material was used for all his tv specials since...no lie...
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Originally Posted by ElCatfisho

son is getting paid while you on NT getting mad.
I'm really not mad. I'm really disappointed though because I was hoping he was back on his game and hecklers got him again. I know I can't really get my money back. I was starting a Katt Williams fail thread.

I kind of had no choice. I always come up with stuff to do that involves money and it was time for me to pony up to go to an event.

I see a fair amount of dudes here on NT trying to be comedians. You're not funny. Get a new gig.

U Latino?

cry about it

Katt's been looking kinda crackish

details asap

I wanted to cry for him lol. Not only did his stand up break down in front of my eyes but maybe his life too. He looks to be in rough shape mentally. He was starting jokes then pause and look around for laughs that didn't come. It was a complete mess. Almost if not half the people left well before he was done.

So he gets an introduction, they went through like two songs BEFORE he came out. So he was already late, THEN when he came out, He danced around and walked around on stage clowning a bit. His  act starts and immediately I knew something was off. Either the mic was too low or something. He had no energy in his voice. He went on to mess with this white guy who brought his 14 year old son to the show (
He brought him to the wrong show). So as he is talking to them, its like he is having a personal heart to heart with them instead of performing unless he thought that's what we wanted.

So this is when the hecklers start.

"Tell some jokes"
"This ain't funny"

I'm thinking like yeah this is ok but he should have started with his good stuff. He then strays away from the Obama joke he started, the joking with the 14 year old to almost fighting some hecklers. He went full scale hood mode and ruined the show. He started challenging the hecklers to fight and was responding to them throughout the show. Not with jokes but with challenging them. 

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of course he's going to challenge them.

we'd all feel tough with security protecting us
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Originally Posted by CWrite78

of course he's going to challenge them.

we'd all feel tough with security protecting us
Yeah but if I wanted to see a fight, I'd pay $60 to see the Money May fight. Not 5'5 Katt Williams.

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You paid to see this guy?

And didn't get your money's worth? Sounds about right.
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Originally Posted by CWrite78

is that....a noose?

I had to do this. I usually decline when unsure about a plan. I saw one of his comedy specials and hoped he could channel that for his hometown.
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