Tier-Zero Accounts?

GOODS is the only place that has a tier 0 account in the seattle area. It's funny though, capital has been open for a longer time, but goods is MUCH better. I remember my friend told me that when the foot patrol air stabs came out, one of the workers from goods went to capital with em on and asked them if they had these. Capital got pissed, lol
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capital open for a longer time? i couldve swon i was at the goods opening in 03' and seattle retro shoe store wasnt open yet.
Nah. Im pretty positive SRSS opened first.

If im not mistaken, that kinda led to some of the "beef" early on.

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Capitol opened around April 2003. I remember this because the Cement 3's dropped and they were selling them before the release and they opened shortly thereafter..... Can't say I remember when Goods opened. I think the first hot release that put them on the map was the Heinekens which was around that time as well.

That is kind of odd that Capitol doesn't have a Tier 0 account tho, I remember the owner saying that he new heads at Nike's before he opened up the store.... Couple that with the successful collabo they had with the Capitol 95's they dropped in 2004.

Maybe it has to do with Capitol not having an SB account or perhaps their store wasn't nice enough. LoL Who knows..... I still buy from either spot, whoever has what I want in my size.
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