Tim Dog faked his own death?

Aint this the same dude who was scamming all those chicks?

questioned has been answered.
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New genre = zombie rap.

Marketing genius or criminal failure? You decide.
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I wish it was Nate dogg that faked his death and was still alive instead of that bum cornball Tim dog
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More than half of NT probably isn't aware of Tim Dog. But yeah, he'll wish he was once the Feds get him. 
I didn't want to bump an old thread up, but NBC News did an investigation on this and it turns out Tim Dog did indeed pass away.

Timothy Blair died at Hospice Atlanta, Dekalb County, GA on 14 February, 2013. Dateline obtained his death certificate from the Dekalb County GA Board of Health. No paperwork was filed in the county where Blair was widely believed to be living – because death records are filed in the county of death; and no one except close family, friends and carers knew where the former rapper lived – and died.
Damn. My joke was in poor taste then.


In honor of the man, I'll salute him with a track on a CD of his that I actually bought.

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