Timberland Boots Vol. East Coast Swag

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I know, I've seen pics. Was just posting the new silly little video clip promoting them. Compared to most 6"'s being released they're not bad IMO.
Surprised you like them. I need to see real good HQ pics of them but I doubt I get them.
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I really like that softer looking suede on those Staples (the opening Ceremony oxfords that got roasted in here years ago had a material like that) but they're over branding and over doing it with the text as usual. it worked for Lifted Research way back when but that was on shirts not boots. does any1 remember the insta that they posted with the custom timbs, I'm thinking about looking into converting a pair of 6 inch premiums into chukkas.
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Any silhouettes like the timberland og world hiker?

Looking for something tan/beige/bown with the black soles.

Theres a pair of og hikers out there but its a bigger size than mine. Help boot men
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What yall using to clean your Timbs?? :nerd:
It was this kit that came in a small box that had a gel, a small scrub brush, and this eraser type thing, I only used the brush and the eraser type thing. I have had my Timbs since August of 2008 and they still look brand new minus a few very small creases.
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This is going to sound funny, but have you guys ever used Jason Markk on your timbs?

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I know a few of y’all were talking about World Hikers and Supreme World Hikers.

$120 shipped for a Supreme orange size 9 is a pretty good deal.

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I’m starting to like these joints

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Like the hoodies, jacket is tough.

Man have worn field boots in a long time.
Probably gonna get some regular beef & broccoli for the winter.
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Size 9 in the brown leather World Hikers for a crazy price, better move fast gridebounca11 gridebounca11 and whomever else was looking for these in a small size.

None of them come with boxes but they're all brand new.

Size 9 for $145 shipped

This guy has two size 9’s for $150 shipped

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Can anyone provide sizing help for the World Field Boot? Trying to grab a pair of the Mastermind collab and I've never owned a pair so I'm not sure if I should just half size down like I would do with the classic 6 inch boot.

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All those wild extra models they push out really selling like that? Can't be, just mad surplus that ends up at overstock companies. Maybe that's the business model, if it goes retail, cool, but if not we'll get that tj Maxx bread
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