tired of having boring and broke friends

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I work a regular 9-5 for a bank, making decent money for my age.  Sometimes I just want to  go to Miami or Vegas for the weekend to party, you know, get wasted, but these dudes are the most boring people ever.  And you just can't make new friends overnight that can do these types of things.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a situation like this.

What have you done to get over this hump?
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making new guy friends is much harder than getting a gf.. word to I Love You, Man.. 

why dont you hang out with your co-workers?
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i feel you man, its only a couple of my boys that are usually down to do something but its rare to get everyone together, i swear its like they scared to leave the city
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Why not go down there by yourself? I know you want some companionship, but why not go alone?
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Originally Posted by high off kicks

because they're all like 40+ with kids and families, smh
Welcome to the life of a young professional lol.  Average age at Goddard space flight center where i work is 40.  I'm 22.  All my friends go out and get wasted every wed and thursday because they are still in school or have part time jobs.  I am up at 530 every morning so weeknights are almost always out of the question.  Come friday and saturday they always pull the I'm broke card.  But on thursday its i got so wasted and spent 70 bucks out.

Your best bet is to stick it out or hit up some happy hours on a friday or thursday you will catch some younger people with jobs out then.
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Did a vacation by myself once and it was boring as hell, but it was almost free so I had to go, almost free and still couldn't get ppl to go, smh
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try only having one friend and both of you are to lazy to do anything...

so many times we'll be ready to go and just look at each other like "nah" and sit right back down dressed and everything

even out of town we'll get ready to go out and just not feel like it for no reason at all
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I'm 18 and have a pretty good job at my dad's restaurant pulling in near 400 dollars a week and my boys can barely keep a job so I feel you OP.
I tend to hang out with my co workers who are all college kids as well since I KNOW that they're making money too & as for my ride or die crew, I just light up with them.
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Originally Posted by DCAllAmerican

Why not go down there by yourself? I know you want some companionship, but why not go alone?

Once (some) people see that you are the type that will travel on your own and have a good time doing it, they will want to come along in the future.


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Dude, you can't expect grown *** men with responsibilities to be willing to drop everything and go somewhere. They don't live the same life as you.

Now, if they were younger without kids, then it would be different.
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you don't know anyone your own age? like college buddies or high school pals? i say go alone. i love going places, like the club alone, and i'm a girl.
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Originally Posted by dunks87

you don't know anyone your own age? like college buddies or high school pals? i say go alone. i love going places, like the club alone, and i'm a girl.

i would never...a vacation is out of the question and i'm all for dolo also but the club and vacation are a no-no

im scared of everything tho
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I'm 22, my girl is 20, but her sister is 18 and loves to tag along with us..Whenever we hang out on Friday nights and decide to do something low key like dinner + movies, or bowling or w/e that isn't age specific, her sister invites herself and my gf doesn't mind because they're pretty close..But the worst part is her sister invites her own friends, most of which are still in High School, and they're all BROKE AS HELL..Obviously I dont expect high school kids to be stackin but in NYC you can start working at age 16 so even if they work 10-15 hours a week, they should still have money..But nope, NONE of em ever come out with more than 20-30 bucks so once they pay for dinner they're basically broke

The worst thing is having to restrict the plans you can make or places you can go based on the brokeness of other people that you're not even cool with
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I understand where you're coming from, I make decent money for my age and a lot of my closest friends are either still in school or have degrees and no decent-paying job...

But the only thing to do in this situation is to accept your friends for who they are and for what they have...

I always lived by the phrase "I'd rather us be broke together, than rich alone"... and real talk, things seemed a lot better for me when all of us were struggling in school and on the come up...

If you really want to take all of these trips to Vegas and what not, then keep looking to find a cool group of people to take a trip with... but you cant always expect people to change their lifestyle just because you have the time on your hands to do what they cant...
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