TMAC Asia Tour pics,T-MAC 5 Asia LE,release dates[UPDATE x2]

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T-MAC 5 News

The Asia Limited Edition sold out in LESS THAN 1 DAY and most of them sold in less than 1 HOUR.

Hope this helps, especially for those who are looking for a pair.

They're going for around HK$2000 right now, which is about US$250. If you guys can get a pair for like US$280 shipped from Asia, then that's a good deal imho.

For all NT folks,

A limited edition of the T-MAC 5, white/gold/black (as shown) will be releasing in local stores in Asia ONLY and won't be released in stores outside Asia. It's limited to 1000 pairs. Each pair is individually numbered. Release date of these Asia Limited Edition is September 1st 2005.

All of the above pics are from

The US release dates of the other T-MAC 5 are as follow:

White/black/university red: October 28th 2005
Black/university red: December 16th 2005

Pics from the T-MAC Asia Tour: Beijing event.



Here's some pics from the T-MAC Asia Tour: HK event, which was absolutely amazing.

Amazing effect, T-MAC logo went ablazed.

Showtime! :smokin

Part of the crowd cheering for T-MAC.

T-MAC teaching one of the players on court how to self-alley-oop. Dude had hops even though he wasn't big.

The player preparing to dunk the alley-oop

T-MAC saw the missed dunk and gave his rating of it.

3 HK ballers who were lucky enough to participate in that mini dunk contest

T-MAC doing his thing - 13 points in 35 seconds, just like the game vs. Spurs where his clutchness made the Rockets win.

The all new T-MAC 5. T-MAC loves it and was playing with it too, even though he was wearing a pair himself.

T-MAC 5 on his feet.

T-MAC played 3-on-3 with some local basketball players and here hands out the T-MAC prizes.

A very lucky winner who got the number 1000th pair (last pair made)

Fans taking photos with the superstar.

all those above pics are Jun of HK-KICKS. Big thanks to him.

The following pics are from Also of the HK event.

T-MAC showing the fun side of him

Getting all pumped up

All excited

A HK basketball player trying his luck to get past T-MAC

A lucky winner who got a T-MAC autographed basketball. Instead of throwing the ball into the frenzy standing crowd, he saw this [unfortunate] guy on the wheelchair and gave him the autographed ball. Props to T-MAC.




Here are some pics from the Taiwan event

Arrived at the Taipei Airport

Warm welcome by some fans in Taiwan who got up at 5am just so that they can see T-MAC at 6.

Big T-MAC post @ the entrance

Showcase of some of the Asia Tour products (most of which are special to the Tour)


The smile

Chats with the hosts

Waves to the crowd

The T-MAC 5, :smokin

T-MAC holding his own autographed pair.

Crazy crowd

T-MAC stealing the ball

And again...

T-MAC shooting

Slam dunk (he also did a alley-oop windmill too)

Any other shot of the crowd

Lucky winner of another pair of T-MAC 5 giveaway.

T-MAC with his T-MAC team from Taiwan.

Enjoy the pics NT folks.

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whompin bobula that gold colorway is HORRIBLE. :x

the black red is lookin pretty damn fine tho.

lets see if t-mac can actually stand wearin these.
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Thanks for the pics 3Canada.

I cant wait for these TMac's, they should be the best performing TMacs to date.

Can you repost some of the pics you had before?
or if anyone else has nice detailed pics, please share.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I guess jordan brand sold adidas some of their left over gallons of gold paint huh? [hr][/hr]
Ur attempt to be funny has failed.

Them white gold ones are :evil:
hot :wow:
copped if I can get them

holla to those in Asia who can hook me up with a pair in 14. $200 holla!

plz sticky this
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Quote:[hr][/hr]i regret not living in asia[hr][/hr]
i'd trade places with you in an instant...

the shoe looks dope,but i'ma have to see it in person when they drop though...

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Im looking for Size 11 in Asia.

Somebody said the white/gold would also release on eastbay in October in a limited amount. Can anyone confirm???
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Why is asia always gettin exclusive releases?
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I was thinking to get the blk-red colorway but the wht-gold is growing on me......

I like the Mac line but the problem is they cost almost as much as a new pair of J's now (especially in Asia where J's ain't crazy over-priced like here in canada). I will probably wait a year and then buy them on ebay for $60 or something.
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*good post 3Canada*, might cop the red/blk color.
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I'm glad they stepped away from the dominant three stripes. The design is very nice but not overdone. I will cop to ball if they're not bricks like the IV's.
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Wow those black/red joints are fire

I thought that gold paint joke was funny, so quit hatin'.
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Thanks 3, great pics, I am not a huge fan of the 5's, but I like that colorway. Oh well, not going overseas anytime soon

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thanks for the pics and RDs 3C
always comin thru with the adidas information :smokin

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Thanks for putting all the T-mac info together for us 3Canada, These are easily the best T-macs yet. Is there any info on what the AS colors will be for the T-mac V?
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