TN Nters Check In for 2007!!!

Dec 3, 2005
Since there seems to be a resurgence of post for people in TN, I thought this would be a great time for a new thread to be started where we all can check in for the new year. This can also be a chance for us to network...

I'll be the first...

What it do, TN? This is "L" representing Orange Mound, Memphis, Ten A Key. Overton High School, Class of '98. NT's version of "Mr. Got Deals". Holla at me...
i'm wit ya lj.
this Polo reppin Orange Mound, Ten A Key (the REAL state capital). OHS as well c/o 2000. lets get this thread movin TN
chea! memphis tenn
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memphis ten a key....BAY AREA!!!!!

TEAMEXPOS+++DOT ORG++++++Exposin Dudes Like Playboy Does Washed Up Actresses (No Doogie)+++
(the REAL state capital)

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Music City.
-official home of the

If it turns out that my best wasn't good enough, at least I won't look back and say that I was afraid to try; failure makes me work even harder.
cashville 10-a-key

@#%$ that memphis real capital @#%$
Na$hville TN.​
AJ 7 Chambray and AJ XIII black/red/white Low sz 11 for sale cheap​
Work in Nashville, live in Kentucky till I find a place. Not tryin to highjack the thread, but just wondering, do any NT'ers besides myself work at Dell?
Is it the one on murfreesboro road. If so my cuzn just started working there a little while back
423, anybody seen the foams yet?
"Come at the king, you best not miss." - Omar
^ what a weird Name you have. LOL
Wussp Slater, where is Kevin at on this post , must have got banned or something , Oh well.

Get ready for the TN summit in late March!!!
Thats wussup
Joerdan23~King of TN
Doing our thing in the worst state for collecting since 2002!!!​
yeha whats up yall this is Milkladder from

Whitehaven AKA Blackhaven in Memphis,TN

I need to get into the Nike Factory too. yeah, i dont understand why we didnt get those foams. Penny is from the M-Town and we cant get no foams
Reppin the 901 in here


dont forget memphis folks, this shop is hot. its what m-towns been missin. no 3rd street. check it out.
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