TO ALL you Guys who "Buy One to Stock" & Sell


Dec 28, 2002
Ok. So this might be one of my last Brand Jordan New Topics in a LONG time, but I REALLY wanted to help many of you out...

If you choose to listen and save yourself alot of grief and money is completely on you, but I am not here to TELL you what to do, merely suggest a better route to take from this point on.

Not sure if my boys will appreciate this, but's the truth.

For years, I have purchased Jordans... and most times when there was something WORTH buying when it came to Retro's I purchased 4 to 5 pair.

2 for me and 1 each for one of my sons. Recently..even a pair for my daughter.

However.... in recent years, I stopped doing retro's altogether as the colors aren't for me, but rather the New Gen. Jordan Head, who didn't know MJ as a player. Just as a Retired GM.

Which is cool, because I can't fault anyone for the year they were born. However the Brand goes in the direction of money and what sells. Lifestyle and Team shoes sell.

But I wanted to clue those of you were like me for a bit that buy multiple pairs to save for years or even one to sell later. Other than your kicks perhaps cracking or deteriorating, the Value of those shoes wont be what you think it should.



Because fakes are now to a point where the Technology and replication is 90 - 95%. With that in mind those who have access to not only the internet, store fronts or street side vendors but those who want cheaper options will begin to go that route instead of the more expensive route of expensive older and possible less quality shoes.

Granted. This does not make anything right, but with there being only token things done to deter Factories from making replica's of Jordans and Nikes... Consumers knowingly and unknowingly will begin to sway.

Factories producing fakes are no longer disassembling shoes, and making replica's.. they are using actual digital files to replicate these shoes.

These shoes are using additional Foam right now to compensate for the Air Bags...but in some instances.. such as Air Max and 360 are using the same Materials.

So without going on too long, as I know most NTers can't read alot of words without pics...

Do yourself a favor and save your money...if you want to make money from selling shoes.. Do it before the shoes come out.. not years after they have released. Word to 160.

Feel free to ask whatever questions, but I just didn't want to spew as much as I could have in order to help those kids coming up who think there is real money in stock piling shoes to sell later.

There really isnt.
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I usually buy one pair to rock and the other to rock later(years)! I dont like selling my shoes but i know where your coming from.
I used to have that kind of thinking......Buy 2-3 pairs and save them for later. But now, considering the hypebeast and trend, I only keep 1 pair of OG colorway (and any other color that I like).
Look at the BMP, Military, Flips. Those are the perfect example of what you're talking about.
Do yourself a favor and save your money...if you want to make money from selling shoes.. Do it before the shoes come out.. not years after they have released.

Damn...surprisingly; you answered my un-asked question.

The thing is, with the retros being done after 08', wouldnt the demand for real sneakers become high? It seems like the stock-market right now, with JB being at its lowest point AS FAR AS the direction its going into...
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My sentiments exactly
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You can't tell the market. I don't think many of us would've guessed how skyrocketed, the XIs, IIIs, etc. became over time. You can't doubt the market, for if you did, you'd be rich by now, very very rich !!! Your talking about a $100 investment with a possible return of 300%? More or less, you get the jest of it.

But also, the colorways, young or old is just not appealing. As much as you might think the younger generation often times appeal to simple fashion goers. I for example don't see how the 1s retro are anything nice. Likewise, I've shown my gramps and gramma what they think and they elected the simpler colors as well.

Also, to make money before shoe releases is quite tough. It's not like everyone has an account or can get an account. And even if the hustle, shops are smarter, marking the @#%$ up. The funny thing is panic cats still willing to buy. Panic cats still think it's a race to look like everyone else.

To make money, flipping shoes is only good on the side, and only some. But if you want money, go to college and educate your self in every way possible and work ! Selling GR shoes on RD trends will take a smart person just once to learn their lesson. I know NT is filled with SMART people !! :wink:
HAHAHAHA But once in a while a dumb person would dumb $$$ for them. And that small margin is enough to make the little kiddie resellers happy.

And it's not 1 to stock and 1 to sell, it's 1 to stock and 1 to rock.
Most people buy it to keep it on ice for later, not really to sell.

Word to the smarter cats !
It is harsh !
I just want to have I-XXIII on display one day. Right next to my autographed away jersey and VII's. I'm an MJ fan, shoes just came aloong with that.
I've been buying the shoes I love for the past 5 years. I guess I am not a true shoe freak in the fact that I don't spend the same proportion of income on my shoes as most of the people on this board, but I buy much more than the average person. The fall of Jordans for me started in 2005 when the Altitude XIII's came out. Just 2 years before I was able to walk into a FinishLine and pick up 2 pairs of cement III's. I can only imagine the chaos these shoes would produce in today's market. Today's consumer buys sizes 9-13 just to resell. When I began collecting shoes, people would hook other people up with the shoes. I remember the Supremes retailed for $182.50, and I would've paid $193 shipped from a NY NT'er, but I passed as I do not value shoes that highly. Again with today's buyer, getting hooked up on a pair of B-grade Jordans is paying $80 over the outlet price they paid. I'm glad I have the shoes I have, I know that I won't buy another Jordan until the Black/Cement III's come back out. And I will wait a lifetime...
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good point, but im sure many shoes such as grapes, dmps, and even GRs like militarys (YES MILITARYS) will have high values in the future
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I feel you. My dad is an avid collector and has Jordans and Air Techs and Pumps and... you name it. And now, even after wearing them regularly, he's watching them all deteriorate and not be worth a dime. smh.
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in recent years, I stopped doing retro's altogether as the colors aren't for me, but rather the New Gen. Jordan Head, who didn't know MJ as a player. Just as a Retired GM.
i disagree... i think with the fakes it makes the actual legit shoe even more rare and hard to find making it even more valuable... its basically all about the demand/hype for a shoe... look at the dmps they still havent lost their value yet...
I am one of those kids who hasn't really had the chance to watch MJ growing up. I've seen a few games here and there, but I never had the chance to watch his highlights nightly on ESPN. In a way, I wish MJ had just started his career so that I could have witnessed the greatest ever. I just don't buy into LeBron's hype.

As for the shoes, I have never bought a pair hoping that I can make some money on it ten years from now. There are times that I will see a steal on eBay and I'll buy them then make a little money, but other than that, I buy what I like and what I'm going to wear.

I like being different than everyone else. I hated going to high school and three other people having Fire Red III's on the same day that you did. Sad thing is, I live in the damn country. My high school was nowhere near urban. Those are the kids who don't truly know MJ as a player. Going to school and everyone having the same GR retros that you do is what made me start appreciating the LS releases. I haven't played basketball in years, so why should I keep buying my team colors? Why not be DIFFERENT and mix it up with some DTRT III's or Stealth I's? Ya know?

I buy Jordans for two reasons: 1.) the style 2.) the legacy behind that shoe. Everytime I hold up my Playoff XII's I think of the accomplishments he had in them. I feel like I'm holding a piece of history. So getting back to your topic, occasionally I'll buy a shoe and resell if I can make $50 plus, but I only buy shoes that I'm going to wear. I never like to waste money, so why let them sit in a box for ten years and hope that they will be worth something?
So u saying unless u buy a million pairs and sell them ebfore the shoe come sout slelign a couple of them amkes no money idk bout that. I say if you get a limited realse you can hit a mini jackpot my gym teacher. Bought the grapes 25 pairs and sold all them above retail he made a quick 2000 dollars in just one week but buying one pair and saving them like some cement 3's hoping youre 120 or whatever dollar invesment is gonna reach $460 after like 5 or 6 yrs isnt worht it. If you put 365 days in a yr mutiple that by the 5 years thats 1825 days now the $120 investment subract that from hopefull resell price of $460 You gain a profit of $340 or less depending on retail of sneaker now divide that 340 by 1825 days youre gonna save it for. The shoe gain's only 1.9 cent's roughly per day that's over estimating. So it really isn't worth it saving them for that long.
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As the "shoe game" rapidly escelates in price (effectively pricing many people out) and resale game collapses (it's difficult to make significant money unless you buy an entire store's inventory in advance - word to FlipJays), I look forward to the day when shoes are once again just shoes. Where you buy what you like and I buy what I like and we don't sweat and scheme and plan against each other over it.

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Rock I think you are dead on. The world of fakes has been killing the Jordan market. I cant speak for every city, but fakes are 1000 times more prevalent in Charlotte then they were when I moved here 5 years ago. In fact, I think it is easier to count the number of kids wearing legit Jordans in the mall, then it is to count the fakes. The thing that worries me is that the kids dont care that they wear fakes. They would rather pay less and have a pair of shoes that look like real Jordans, then pay the price to get a real pair. I think that fakes really have affected to resale market. I am not a reseller, I buy the Jordans I like and if I really like them I may buy two pairs so I have one to wear a few years from now. There is more money to be made in selling fakes now, then trying to resale IMO. While I agree that the makers and sellers of fakes should rot in jail, they arent doing it to spite Jordan or Nike, they do it to make money. Just my take.
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Thanks for posting this for everyone to read. I figured this out a while ago, esp from eBay. A lot of shoes go for below retail.
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that's a possible truth......the more kids who wear fakes now and don't care, the more people who'll rock fakes instead of the real thing in the future. no demand, no profit for resellers. Who knows, maybe fakes will go out of style lol.
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Good post, I see what your saying. I still buy multiples of shoes I like mostly because I have the intention of wearing them at some point...
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