To any former athlete who's had an MRI and/or cortisone injection(s), etc.

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A few weeks ago, I injured my lower back while I was playing rugby. It felt similar to a pulled back while doing heavy squats. (Which I've done before & recovered from, so I wasn't too worried.)

Since then, I've been going to a chiropractor for stretches/treatments.

My back had been gradually getting better up until Tuesday morning when I woke up with a "tingly"/numb feeling throughout my right leg.

I went to my chiropractor and another back specialist, and they've concluded that one of my discs is bulging and compressing a nerve in my leg. (They suggested an MRI to be certain.)

Our team has a national tournament in 2 weeks, and my coach/trainer want me to get the MRI, do physical therapy, get a cortisone injection, and play in the tournament. (After which, according to my trainer, I would need additional physical therapy, with the possibility that this may develop into a lifelong issue.)

I'm scared. I'm hearing bad things about cortisone injections--a temporary fix--and I don't want to cover up my injury with an injection just so that I can play in a tournament painlessly and risk aggravating the injury and living with it for the rest of my life.

Have any of you ever gone through this?
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gone through a few mri's, very loud/annoying but i think they are more effective than an x-ray imo
one place didnt even make me take off my clothes or give me dye but thats a whole different story
def wouldnt do any cortisone shots especially if its going to be a lifelong issue, get it checked and healed
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I've had around 10 cortisone shots in my life and I'd say it depends on the injury. Its definitely a quick fix and I wouldn't recommend it for everybody unless you're strong willed.
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Originally Posted by Mister Friendly

Are you getting paid for this tournament?
Nah, not directly.

Originally Posted by Ricardo Malta

I've had around 10 cortisone shots in my life and I'd say it depends on the injury. Its definitely a quick fix and I wouldn't recommend it for everybody unless you're strong willed.
I would get the shot in my lumbar region. Can you go into further detail about your shots? Why wouldn't you recommend it? Are the shots currently affecting you negatively?


I hated my cortisone shots. They put them in both of my ankles (the left being surgically repaired twice) and it made my right ankle so friggin sore
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agree with the above posts.. risky to try to cover up a back/spine injury, could turn very serious very quick.. get that mri and go from there..
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Get the MRI first and see how bad the herniation is. What you have is called sciatica. I just went through it about 3 months ago. Had surgery at the end of Feb. It's painful as all hell when the nerve gets pinched hard enough. Also will require surgery if you herniate the disk further. Here's some good info from wikipedia:

I'm telling you right now, DO NOT play if you aren't getting paid for it. Just isn't worth it. The pain was so awful I wanted to off myself. Cortisone is supposed to reduce the inflammation, but like everyone said, it's temporary. If the herniation is small enough, it might help it go away. But if it's large, it won't do anything for you and you'll just hurt yourself worse.

The only real way you're going to know is to get the MRI done asap and have you doctor recommend what to do from there.
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Ive had 2 cortisone shots on my left ankle.

Quick fix like everyone says....It hurts and gets painful for a few hours to a day, but the next day, swelling's gone. Wouldn't get one done though unless it's absolutely necessary (I got mine because I had an interstate tournament in a couple days time and my ankle wasn't fully right yet.)
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