To anyone currently in SF Public Schools....(get in here)

May 26, 2003
this is a long shot. I'm student currently enrolled in SFSU's teacher credential program. Part of the program requires that I be assigned a "master" teacher, someone whose supposed to show me what a great teacher is. Long story master teacher is not great, not bad, but just average. So I'm basically trying to hunt down the best teacher in SF, someone who I can learn from, someone who relates to students, has their back, teaches them stuff they want to learn, and in general someone students respect(and vice versa). If you know of such a teacher (maybe you have them right now, or had them a few years back), inbox me with the info. It doesnt even matter what they teach (math, PE, english, etc)..I know there's a ton of youth on these message boards, so I'm hoping I can be guided in the right direction. If not, I guess I might have to go from school to school...peace
i know of a great teacher at mills high in millbrae. it is about 20 minutes away from sf. hit me up if youre interested.
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I know a few good teachers at my old high school who are good teachers and students loved them.Pm if your want them they are econ/history teacher.
Alan Layug. best teacher ever. very respectable by the student body. keeps it real. smart @#%$ dude. relates to his students. takes care of his students. took one of his students in becuase he had family problems. (A la mr. turner from boy meets world)
george washington high school econ teacher.

nuff said.
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granucci at lowell high

spellici at lowell high
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^actually granucci retired last yr. i never had him, but heard a lot of good from him. mr. spellicy though is an awesome man and was and still is the best teacher i've ever had. really funny, understanding, and relateable to all students.
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