To NTers who haven't gone to church in a while, do you still consider yourself a Christian?


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I haven't been in a while (two months), partly due to the snow, partly due to my job, and partly due to me. I haven't wanted to go.

I was raised baptist and would go to church every Sunday, without fail. I felt it a chore to go and it was very aversive to me. I just didn't like it. I did believe.

Somehow, between college and just learning more, I've really fell out of church. I even question my beliefs now. I'd like to consider myself agnostic, really, but there is still a part of me that truly believes and will defend it to the death. It just isn't as strong.

I think going back to church may change my outlook and attitude toward the religion, but it would probably have to be a different church. My mother gets upset, and I mean mad, when I don't choose to attend service. I don't want to have that added, undue pressure on me. I'm still growing and maturing into adulthood and this can, no will, be a crucial part in that.

I just want to be in a place where I can worship without having to always look over my shoulder. It is not fun.

Currently, I question if I am a Christian and a lot of it has to do with just being out of the church so long.

Anyone feel that, since you've been gone from church for so long, you no longer consider yourself a Christian, or are not as zealous about your beliefs as before.

***This is open to all religions. I just used Christianity because that was the faith in which I was brought up.


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Two months and (you feel guilty)? I haven't been to Mass in a year or two.

I've gone to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday in that span of missing Mass, and have followed the "no meat on Fridays" during Lent. Yeah, they're both two very small sample sizes for following the religion, but here is how I look at it. I was baptized, communed, and confirmed, and consider myself Christian, I just don't practice it as much as I could, and I'm fine with that. I don't feel any less of myself because of it, if that's the type of answer you were looking for. It's whatever.
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i havent been to church in a few months, and i went this past sunday, and i gotta say it felt really good to be back there.

i think  going every week gets tedious i guess you could say, but it does help clear my mind when im having a lot of problems


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Before those two months, I didn't go at all (5 months), so it basically stems from that and just never going (maybe once) in college.

And I'm not looking for any particular answer. I just want to know how others feel who are in the same position.

Thanks for your response.
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I can only speak for Catholics, but I think that, given the nature of our church, you can never truly 'leave' the faith, especially if you were raised in the church.

There are qualities that you inherent that become a part of your nature as a person. At least, this is true for me.
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Church doesn't make you a christian, faith alone does. I have a friend who is an AVID christian and can't really stand the politics of church.
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I haven't went to Church on a regular basis for a few years now, but went every Sunday prior.

I was born/baptized/raised Catholic and will always be Catholic.
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I went to church pretty regularly from 6th-8th grade, so three years. I even went to all three summer church camps.
I stopped goin my freshman year cuz of sports, an I use to go twice a week Sunday mornings and Weds. nights.
I'm about to graduate in May, so its been 4 years since I last went to church. No I'm definitely not a christian now.
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Originally Posted by balloonoboy

Originally Posted by y0ung j33zy

Are you a member of any church?
maybe its the church you're going to, some churches(or pastors) are mad boring..I personally need one that jumps around and gets loud while droppin knowledge



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Originally Posted by ljlukelj

Church doesn't make you a christian, faith alone does.

But you are talking to someone who fell off that path long ago.  I was raised in the church (Baptist).  OP, it sounds like you were going through the same things I was going through.  You see the world for what it is.  You develop your own ideas.  Soon you wonder what God really is or if even such a thing exists.

If I had to label myself as something, I guess it would be close to Agnostic but not entirely.
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I consider myself christian and I havent attended in 4 years.

I told my ex gf today that I wanna go this Sunday.

given the nature of our church, you can never truly 'leave' the faith, especially if you were raised in the church.

There are qualities that you inherent that become a part of your nature as a person. At least, this is true for me.
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I haven't been to church in about seven years, and I still consider myself a Christian.

Church isn't the only place to worship the lord, I can worship him in the comfort of my own home.
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i haven't been to church in years...just cant get down with..i remember one time i asked my mom about tithes and offerings..asking why the pastor got to live off what people were giving..she didn't like that too much

and the church i was a member at..there was so much undercover drama..this person doesn't like that person..this person wore that, this person said this..yada yada yada..
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I havent been in so long I dont remember what day it falls on smh on me, but I still pray almost everyday, and watch Joel Osteen on tv every chance I get, so yea
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I left church when i learned of Constantine, gospels being left out and all the other bs politics that came with religion.
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haven't been to Church in years but yes, I still consider myself a Catholic, albeit perhaps a non-practicing one.
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I believe that my eternal salvation comes through and only through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I haven't been to mass since Ash Wednesday.
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