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Oct 17, 2000

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
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How do I pass new market everyday on my way to work and i have never noticed DTLR.
There's no excuse to go about your business in a half-assed way. We are only alive for a finite number of days, and we're poorer for every hour that we spend in soft-hearted pursuits. We rob ourselves when we submit to diluted entertainment, buy products that lack solid integrity and settle for second-rate gratifications.

Larry Flint
New location Cuz...


Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
'TeePeso,' 'Ryan8478,' DCShoeDon,' 'JaywhYeNeX,' 'Importking,' 'DCshoechick,' 'Scott Scotch,' 'rudolph1996,' '7hillz'​
yeah I went to gamestop one day and was like, "where'd this joint pop up?" they always have these midnight joints when it's a shoe I'm not really feeling.

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Ghetto @#%$ company... Or is that Shoe City?
DestinationKicks: real great idea tommie, real great stereotee : you never f'n know these days stereotee : remember the alamo

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youngin behind me in the line for the aquas was talkin bout this release....joints slum imo

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did anyone actually go to this thing? hahahah. if so, how many people showed up? not including employees... which was like what? 3? 4? HA.

cmonwealth still had a good amount of GOOD sizes left when i got my pair. and i got my pair late during the day.
i'm not a n00b. i just post when i NEED too.

can i get a w0rd?
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