To the people who bought the refurbed Turbines

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How are they holding up for you?

I lost my pair of Klipsch so looking for another pair but cheaper since I lose stuff a lot.
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They are awesome,

what you can actually do is, call monster and say they arent working. Say you got it as a gift and dont have the receipt. return your headphones for a brand new pair!
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Save your money.
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[h1]MEElectronics M16-MT In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Metallic)[/h1]by MEElectonics

1 customer review)
1 Review
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[table][tr][td]List Price:[/td] [td]$29.99[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Price:[/td] [td]$8.99 [/td][/tr][tr][td]You Save:[/td] [td]$21.00 (70%) [/td] [/tr][tr][td]
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In Stock.
Ships from and sold by onSale.
24 new from $8.99
http:// [hr][/hr]
http://[h2]Technical Details[/h2]
  • Driver: 6.8 mm dynamic drivers
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Maximum Power Input: 20 mW
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[h2]Product Description[/h2]
[h3]From the Manufacturer[/h3]
The MEElectronics M16 offers fantastic value by combining premium sound with durability, style, a frustration free cable, and phone/iPod functionality all for an unbelievably low price. Plus, your purchase will be backed by a company that stands behind their product and provides exceptional customer service.

Enjoy music, movies, videos, voice and more like never before with a product at this price! The M16 is compatible with most devices that have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, MP3 players, blackberry phones, many smart phones, portable DVD players, computers, and more. Stylish in-ear design provides passive noise reduction allowing you to play your music at lower volumes even in noisy environments.
[h4]Features[/h4] [h5]Full, Dynamic and Clear Sound with Enhanced Bass[/h5]

The M16's industrial, yet stylish metal housing uses a 6.8mm dynamic driver to produce sound that has good clarity, extended treble, and enhanced bass

The MEElectronics M16 in-ear headphone is all about providing the music enthusiast with a full range, dynamic sound complete with enhanced bass. Stylistic, with a dramatic knurled edge, the M16 is designed to look highly industrial, sleek, and contemporary.

Taking industrial equipment as a source of inspiration, the MEElectronics M16 in-ear headphone captures the sleek, yet clean and sharp lines inherent of modern skillful engineering. Using a new 6.8mm micro-driver that delivers extended treble and enhanced bass, the M16 continues the MEElectronics tradition of providing action-packed sound. Hear detailed and clear enhanced bass that doesn't intrude into the rest of the music spectrum. For the finishing component, a detailed knurled hatching accents the earphones. Choose between two classic industrial color options of metallic black or chrome silver. Of course, as a new addition to MEElectronics' Original M Series, the M16 does not sacrifice great sound, comfort or looks for affordability.
  • Enhanced treble response provides bright and crisp sound without sacrificing bass punch
  • Treble contour accentuates natural detail and clarity of the earphones
  • Metal housings and reinforced cabling provide real-world durability
Ideal for genres such as classical, acoustic, trance, and other electronic music.
[h5]Passive Noise Cancelation[/h5]
In-ear design effectively isolates you from outside sounds allowing you to hear your music clearly at lower volumes which can protect you from hearing loss.
[h5]Designer Cable[/h5]

1.3 m (4.27 ft) anti-frustration cable is strong, stylish and tangle resistant

The anti-frustration clear coated cable is robust, stylish, tangle resistant, and minimizes cable noise during movement. The metallic model of the M16 sports a dark gray designer cable, while the chrome model of the M16 sports a silver designer cable.
[h5]4 Sets of Ear Tips[/h5]

Find the best fit for your ears

Four sets of ear tips give you more variety to find one that works best for your ears. Ear tips include: Standard bi-flange tips that fit most ears and three sizes of standard silicone ear tips.

The metallic model of the M16 carries black ear tips, while the chrome model of the M16 carries clear ear tips.
[h5]Carrying Case[/h5]

Store and protect your earphone and all your accessories in this convenient and compact MEElectronics clamshell hard case

High quality carrying case gives your earphones protection when not in use and even fits some small players and/or other accessories for safe keeping.
The M16 has a 1 year warranty and MEElectronics stands behind their products! If you are not satisfied with your earphone, contact MEElectronics to help resolve your issues.
[h4]Achieve Perfect Fit and Seal[/h4] [h5]In-Ear Fit Guide[/h5]
Sound quality and bass response are dependent on the seal achieved between the ear tips and your ear canal. Please try the various sizes of ear tips included with your earphone to determine which gives you the best sound and comfort. The sound may change depending on the insertion depth and tip size.

To achieve proper insertion, pull up and back on the top of your ear (helix) and/or use a slight bit of lubrication/moisture on the outer part of the ear tips, which will help achieve the proper insertion depth and angle. If you feel your MEE earphones do not have bass or sound tinny, the fit and/or seal is more than likely problematic. You can visit the MEElectronics online product manual for more information and assistance.
Many owners have stated that the sound may improve with use when compared to the out of the box sound. This change in sound will occur with normal listening and is not necessary; however you can accelerate this process by playing music at a normal volume continuously for the first several days.
[h4]What’s in the Box[/h4] [h5]Package Contents[/h5]
  • Earphones
  • Clamshell carrying case
  • 4 sets of ear tips
[h3]Product Description[/h3]
M16 In-Ear Headphone; Style, sound quality, and comfort make the M16 a great little earphone! With the fun MEE sound that is detailed and clear with enhanced bass, the M16 will give you hours of enjoyment at a time to go with the great ergonomics all at a very attractive price . The Original M Series in-ear headphones have a fun sound with enhanced bass that doesn't intrude into the rest of the spectrum along with good clarity.; Features: Durable and stylish metal housing with two-tone color; 6.8 mm dynamic driver is detailed with good clarity, extended treble, and enhanced bass. Frustration-free designer cable offers low microphonics (cable noise from movement) and tangle resistance; Compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD players, computers, and all devices with a standard 3.5mm jack; Driver: 6.8 mm dynamic drivers; Housing: Metal with two-tone color scheme; Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz; Sensitivity: 92 dB; Impedance: 16 ohms; Maximum Power Input: 20 mW; Connector: 3 pin stereo 3.5mm gold plated 90 dgree plug; Cable: Designer color 130 cm cable (51 in) with attached shirt clip; Accessories: 4 sets of eartips (small/medium/large silicon; bi-flange), clamshell zipper case; Compatible Accessories: Comply T-400 foam ear tips; Warranty: 1 year; Dimension: 0.25 in. H x 0.3 in. W x 0.7 in. L; Ship Weight: 0.75 lb;
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