Top 5 weed smokers in the NBA??

Joined Aug 2, 2001
The first 3 that come to mind are Rasheed, Josh Howard, and Lamar Odom....Who are your top 5??

Los Angeles

formerly bright nikes
Joined Apr 11, 2004
marques daniels
scott pollard
jr smith
josh howard
rasho nestorvich
Joined Apr 8, 2005
How is this man not in anyone's lists?

"We got Zach Randolph AND Eddy Curry on both sides" "We got youtheir..."
Joined Aug 26, 2008

this dude looks like he does more than smoke thereefer.......................... whenever i look at him i get the feeling that he just finished snorting 4 lines of that pure Colombian white before a game.
Joined Oct 25, 2006

Adam Morrison, when he had long hair, looked like the type of dudes from school that would sell weed to even out, so he can get lit all day every day.

He'd pass for a 70's porn star too with that mustache.
Joined Oct 31, 2001
I have a funny video of ZBo that ill post up later. Was at the Knicks open practice, 1st row. Dude was walking right by me and i'm just like ayo ZBo, I gotthat piff. Dude turned around and laughed and said thats whats up.
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