Top 5 *WORST* SB Dunks Of All Time

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^^ hawaiis shouldn't be in there. It has everything you need: suede, nubuck, patent, contrast stitching speckled midsole, and clear sole
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Originally Posted by ZOOM AIR ELITE

- Mafia Pack
orly? I always thought the highs were quite nice and I'm contemplating about getting a DS pair for $100 shipped.

and yes I admit I'm a gravedigger

hokkaido jdm

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In order...

1. Mork and Mindys
2. White Melvins
3. Mosquitoes
4a. Three...
4b. ...Bears...
4c. ...Pack.
5. What the Dunks
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There's too many to name,
but these gotta be at the top of the list.

White Melvins
Tweeds (hi's and lows)
Shanghai 2's
De La Soul (lows)

and about 90% of dunks that came out after 06'.
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Wow tweeds...supreme lows....
lord jesus give me the strength.... ehh I guess everyone has there own style...hufs tho were on the atrocious side tome...[mike singletary] can't do it [mike singletary].....seen duke in premium laces wit the what the dunks on and I must say.... as hard as this may tobelieve......they look even worse in person then in pics
they are by far the worst sb's ever made or conceptualized.....mafia hi's were very
....I remember a sneaker spot by me that didn't even sell sb's had a fsr of them at 1st 150...then 120....then 100....finally it dropped to 90 Ibelieved....still didn't cop
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Originally Posted by corwinator3407

Every SB after the Pee Wee's can fight for this title.

haha true

1) Mork and Mindy 2) Dr. Feelgood 3) Dino's 4) Thrashin 5) Snakeskin lows... my sis likes these, and I love her but these are hideous.
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