Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know VOL LOLs 4 L8er!

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ATLANTA (MyFOX ATLANTA) - Here is a list from of the top acronyms commonly used on the Internet and in text messages.
Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Need to Know
[table][tr][td]1[/td] [td]8[/td] [td]Oral sex[/td] [/tr][tr][td]2[/td] [td]1337[/td] [td]Elite[/td] [/tr][tr][td]3[/td] [td]143[/td] [td]I love you[/td] [/tr][tr][td]4[/td] [td]182[/td] [td]I hate you[/td] [/tr][tr][td]5[/td] [td]459[/td] [td]I love you[/td] [/tr][tr][td]6[/td] [td]1174[/td] [td]Nude club[/td] [/tr][tr][td]7[/td] [td]420[/td] [td]Marijuana[/td] [/tr][tr][td]8[/td] [td]ADR[/td] [td]Address[/td] [/tr][tr][td]9[/td] [td]ASL[/td] [td]Age/Sex/Location[/td] [/tr][tr][td]10[/td] [td]Banana[/td] [td]Penis[/td] [/tr][tr][td]11[/td] [td]CD9 or Code 9[/td] [td]Parents are around[/td] [/tr][tr][td]12[/td] [td]DUM[/td] [td]Do You Masturbate?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]13[/td] [td]DUSL[/td] [td]Do You Scream Loud?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]14[/td] [td]FB[/td] [td]F*** Buddy[/td] [/tr][tr][td]15[/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [/tr][tr][td]16[/td] [td]FMLTWIA[/td] [td]F*** Me Like The +!*%@ I Am[/td] [/tr][tr][td]17[/td] [td]FOL[/td] [td]Fond of Leather[/td] [/tr][tr][td]18[/td] [td]GNOC[/td] [td]Get Naked On Cam[/td] [/tr][tr][td]19[/td] [td]GYPO[/td] [td]Get Your Pants Off[/td] [/tr][tr][td]20[/td] [td]IAYM[/td] [td]I Am Your Master[/td] [/tr][tr][td]21[/td] [td]IF/IB[/td] [td]In the Front or In the Back[/td] [/tr][tr][td]22[/td] [td]IIT[/td] [td]Is It Tight?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]23[/td] [td]ILF/MD[/td] [td]I Love Female/Male Dominance[/td] [/tr][tr][td]24[/td] [td]IMEZRU[/td] [td]I Am Easy, Are You?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]25[/td] [td]IWSN[/td] [td]I Want Sex Now[/td] [/tr][tr][td]26[/td] [td]J/O[/td] [td]Jerking Off[/td] [/tr][tr][td]27[/td] [td]KFY or K4Y[/td] [td]Kiss For You[/td] [/tr][tr][td]28[/td] [td]Kitty[/td] [td]Vagina[/td] [/tr][tr][td]29[/td] [td]KPC[/td] [td]Keeping Parents Clueless[/td] [/tr][tr][td]30[/td] [td]MorF[/td] [td]Male or Female[/td] [/tr][tr][td]31[/td] [td]LMIRL[/td] [td]Let's Meet In Real Life[/td] [/tr][tr][td]32[/td] [td]MOOS[/td] [td]Member Of The Opposite Sex[/td] [/tr][tr][td]33[/td] [td]WYCM[/td] [td]Will You Call Me?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]34[/td] [td]MOS[/td] [td]Mom Over Shoulder[/td] [/tr][tr][td]35[/td] [td]MPFB[/td] [td]My Personal F*** Buddy[/td] [/tr][tr][td]36[/td] [td]NALOPKT[/td] [td]Not A Lot Of People Know That[/td] [/tr][tr][td]37[/td] [td]NIFOC[/td] [td]Nude In Front Of The Computer[/td] [/tr][tr][td]38[/td] [td]NMU[/td] [td]Not Much, You?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]39[/td] [td]P911[/td] [td]Parent Alert[/td] [/tr][tr][td]40[/td] [td]PAL[/td] [td]Parents Are Listening[/td] [/tr][tr][td]41[/td] [td]PAW[/td] [td]Parents Are Watching[/td] [/tr][tr][td]42[/td] [td]PIR[/td] [td]Parent In Room[/td] [/tr][tr][td]43[/td] [td]POS[/td] [td]Parent Over Shoulder or Piece Of Sh**[/td] [/tr][tr][td]44[/td] [td]PRON[/td] [td]Porn[/td] [/tr][tr][td]45[/td] [td]Q2C[/td] [td]Quick To Cum[/td] [/tr][tr][td]46[/td] [td]RU/18[/td] [td]Are You Over 18?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]47[/td] [td]RUH[/td] [td]Are You Horny?[/td] [/tr][tr][td]48[/td] [td]S2R[/td] [td]Send To Receive[/td] [/tr][tr][td]49[/td] [td]SorG[/td] [td]Straight or Gay[/td] [/tr][tr][td]50[/td] [td]TDTM[/td] [td]Talk Dirty To Me[/td] [/tr][/table]

Joined Dec 8, 2006
while i was smoking with some friends i made up one....


L.ets S.moke A B.lunt

so on facebook or through text we just type LSAB
Joined Jun 10, 2007
Daaaamn! Who can even remember all (most) of these? I find it kinda difficult to believe that people actually use some these.

elboricua 6

Joined Feb 24, 2006
I'm glad I dont know many of these .. if I did that mean Im messing with teens and if Im messing with teens I have a 25% chance I will catch a STD ...
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