Topic: Asians with DAT MASS. Documented Discovery or Urban Myth? A Gentlemens Disscusion

Joined Apr 3, 2010
Asians with DAT MASS. have you ever encountered this mythical creature? some claim they have....others claim they dont exist

as for me I never encountered one but am constantly on the look out for evidence to support these creatures existence

whats your take on this topic? picture evidence supporting you claim is welcomed
Joined Nov 18, 2007
I know someone is going to post that one picture of that asian female in those shorts stretching.
She got "dat mass"
Joined Jul 7, 2002
next 10+ posts will be talking about "descovery" and will have nothing to do with the topic at hand...

thats my guess
Joined Jan 23, 2009

But pure breeds (
) are rare, I have yet to see one in my lifetime.

the infamous

Joined Nov 14, 2008
yes, i know a girl with a booty and shes asian, veyetnamese and curryen.
shes not thick but she has a but, id annhialate but my and her brothers are like best friends
Joined Apr 4, 2009
THEY EXIST!!! coming from a filipino, there are plenty of them out there.. especially in the bay. They usually come in the thick with the right amount of *#$ variety.. or fit with dat mass!! CA > NY for this reason
Joined Feb 5, 2009
I've seen asian women with figures (nice thighs to be exact) that ALMOST made you throw your shades on, bite your lip and say that beloved phrase.......................but in the end it was nothing more than an optical illusion.
My pops resides in Japan and he told me that there are some BAD ones over there so who knows.................
*boy from Angels In The Outfield*it could happen!*boy from Angels In The Outfield*
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