Toronto Tattoo studios

Sep 1, 2006
Taking a trip to Toronto soon and was hoping someone might be able to recommend some studios to check out. Website addresses would help out alot so I can check out their work. Any and all help appreciated.

yeah im looking out for some good places (clean). im looking to get my first ink
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EDIT: shouldnt put that info up just in case police are browsing NT :rofl:
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Checked out the boobby five site. Dude's pretty good. Might have to hit him up. Hope the wait is reasonable. Appreciate the info asiatic204
repVA, the wait for rob is a year and that was as of june. i don't know what it is for dave though. you might want to inquire about that.
was leaning more towards dave anyhow, I'll giv'em a call once we figure out the exact date I'll be up there. Thanks for the help, still open to any suggestions though.

And if anybody ends up comin down to virginia any time and wants a tattoo hit me up on myspace @
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