Toughest record to break Vol. NBA

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Which one of these records will be the hardest to break?

- Bulls 72-10
- Wilt 100 point game
- Russell's 11 championship rings
-Wilt 50.4 points a game (season)
- Wilt 55 rebounds in a game
- Scott Skiles 30 assist in a game

I have to go with Russell's 11 rings and Wilt averaging 50.4 points a game

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55 rebounds is insane, but fam was jumping in the air against dudes who was way smaller than him & scared of him
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That record will probably never be approached. Field goal percentages were lower back in Wilt's day, as the game was played away from the paint. Wilt was the first player to ever have a season field goal percentage over 50 percent, in 1961 (.509). There were a lot of opportunities to get rebounds.

You would have to average 14 rebounds per quarter to break Wilt's record. Nowadays, the NBA leaders average less than that per game. Kevin Garnett had led the league the last 4 years with averages of 13.9, 13.5, 12.7 and 12.8.

Today, it's big news when a player gets 20 in a game. Nobody has even had 40 rebounds in a game since Wilt Chamberlain had 42 on 3/7/69 against the Celtics.
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50.4 will mever be broken , or 11 rings

You could also add Stocktons assist record that will never be topped


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There stands a chance for the 72-10 record and the 30 assist record to be broken one day. 

As for the chance in hell.  There's too much parity in the nba right now for that to happen.
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I can definitely see 72-10 being broken. 11 rings could happen as well.

50.4?? No *%+*%+! way. 55 rebounds. Fughetaboutit!!
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Originally Posted by Seymore CAKE

I want to say Bill's 11... But Wilts 50.4 is

No love for Oscar's triple double season???
I could see Lebron doing the triple double avg in D'Antoni's system.

roc boy jada

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50.4 ppg, then 55 rebounds in a game.

I'd rank them like this, in order of difficultly:

50.4 ppg
55 rebounds in a game
11 rings
100 point game
72 wins
30 assists in a game
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Originally Posted by amel223

There stands a chance for the 72-10 record and the 30 assist record to be broken one day. 

As for the chance in hell.  There's not much parity in the nba right now for that to happen.
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Can I choose ALL OF THE ABOVE!...
Nobody will beat these said records!!

Sometimes I wish I have seen Wilt, Russell, and Big O play
These HOFamers paved the way for MJ, Magic, Bird and everybody else
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Add the 1972 Lakers' 33 game winning streak. The Rockets came close, but they were still about 11 games off.
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I remember someone having 25 assists a couple of seasons ago .. ..... guess I was close 24 assist Ramone Sessions, MIL vs. CHI 14APR08 and Chris Duhon had 22 the next season Chris Duhon NYK vs GSW 28Nov08 so I'd say it's more likely for this to be broken ... Also if Kobe could get 81, it's possible for someone like Durant or Carmelo if they got hot against the right team to threaten that mark and possibly 100 especially if the game goes into overtime or even double overtime
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