Tower's... Worst Human Being's...

Joined Sep 27, 2008
Damn Towers..
I just had a flashback lol

Last year, Fairfax, VA

there was a fair, best fair ever
I saw these dude's wearing their company shirts with the word towing in there..

Asked them, "If I park here, will I get towed?"

they answer "No, you wont get towed"

im like
, i can walk 4 blocks..

3 hours later...

there is a big sign that says


, called the company, had to pay $200, there were about 15 people that had been lied too, and had to pay the same..

one chick worked for the Washington Post, she said she was gonna write an article..


they gave her, her whip and she left...


if you have anything to share

share it..
Joined Apr 25, 2008
Why you mad at towers? they just tall and got mad space for offices and apartments and %#%!. And fix your apostrophes.
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