Toyota Yaris Sneaker Battle-VOTE FOR LLOYD!

Jul 31, 2005
Hey whats happening Niketalk...just wanted to give a heads up about this sneaker battle going on online. Voting has been going on this whole month, its a country wide sneaker battle divided into four regions-north, south, east, and west. Each battle consists of four different shoe designs from four different designers. Unfortunately, for those who want in, its too late to register or cast in your designs; voting already started :\
and i was hoping you guys could help out my boy lloyd win this contest/battle. I've seen you guys do this numerous times with other contests that other people have posted so if you can please help him out :wink:
until tomorrow for the eastern region so you won't be able to see his design until then. Also when you go to vote there's just a letter and a shoe design, so tomorrow morning i'll post whatever letter he's under. Aight niketalk, do your thing. All contributions/votes are much appreciated and any comments you all might have on his design ill be sure to tell him :D
. Thanks again. Peace!

hahah bad, i didn't show you how to get there.
Aight, its not that hard ill list the steps to make it easy.
1.Go here
2.Click the "enter here >>" button
3.Click the black tab to the left labeled "Go To Battle
4.Click "Sneaker vs Sneaker" to the right
5.Under Vote click on East
6.Vote for letter *blank* (blank will be filled in first thing tomorrow morning )
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