Trader Joe's Vol. Healthy Eating?

Dec 29, 2002
So coming home from work, I always see a number of people going about their day with Trader Joe bags. I'm actually looking to eat better, but I was justgonna go to my local Supermarket. Is the products sold at Trader Joe's suppose to be much better for you? Any of you cats shop there? If I do decide to go,what should I try?
Theyre just like most everywhere else, some stuff in there is good for you and some not so good. Gotta choose the right stuff to eat. They do have a lot ofconveninent items though IMO, just got a T.J.'s up my way and I been going there a lot lately.
they get alot of stuff that other places don't have.
I need to hit it up one of these days... too bad its like 15 min from my house
Honestly, you can go to Whole Foods or just shop organic at your local grocery store....

the one thing I will vouch in favor of Trader Joes is their Whoopie Pies...
not necessarily....trader joe offers more variety when it comes to nutrional food....youre still going to find a lot of unhealthy food there.

I love there Tofutis Ice Cream sandwiches!
Used to work there...the best thing about Trader Joes is that they have organic goods for significantly better prices than other organic retailers (WholeFoods, etc). Not everything there is good for you though, alot of the frozen foods are heavy loaded with sodium and other junk, but they do got some goodfrozen stuff.

If your trying to eat healthy Trader Joes is a great cost effective place to shop. The Organic stuff is great, they have a great selection of nuts and driedfruit as well as cereal. Hate the people there though...long story.
They offer many more healthy/better tasting options than most grocery stores, but it's not something that is necessary at all. At least their pricesaren't too bad though.
You can also go to your typical grocery store, ie Ralph's as long as you know what to buy. Some stuff I always get...extra lean turkey, lean chickenbreast, natural almonds, low fat string cheese, tuna, low fat wheat bread, potato, tomato grapes, low fat yogurt.

I've never gone to the local Trader Joe's, but my parents go there all the time. Some of the stuff they buy is just as unhealthy as stuff you can getat elsewhere, ie microwavable burritos.

Going all natural is great, but I would heavily advise getting unpasteurized milk.
I go to Trader Joe's because they have ready-made grilled chicken that you can heat up.

You can also get organic chicken breasts and organic beef for significantly less than at Whole Food's.

They have a great selection of healthy stuff, you just have to know what to get.

A great grocery store. Right under Whole Food's on my list of favorite places to get food.
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I only go to Trader Joe's to go try some samples.
and whenever my aunts goes... they have really good spices and marinades
If there was a Whole Foods closer to me than Trader Joe's, I would spent my entire budget on groceries there. But since that is not the case, I'mrocking with Trader Joe's. Great selection of stuff, but like someone else said, their employees can be rather... "Different," at times.
I used to go there but it's kinda far so I go to local organic places that are just as good
They don't serve EVERYTHING you need. Baby Food for one and some other things. They recently reduced the price of their gallon of milk, which is now $2.99.

I will always be a fan of their bananas. Always seem to be nice and firm and fresh unlike most places. (NH).

Cheap peanut butter for $1.79. Just peanuts and salt as ingredients.

They have Plantain Chips that I am in love with.
yes, trader joes is a subsidiary.

aldi is cheaper i think in general

if you had to compare

aldi = walmart
tj = target

i ****ing love trader joes
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