Tried to buy some Grape V's from but.... technical difficulties? Lost package?!

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I ordered a pair on August 5th in a size 9.5. It was a Friday so I figured it wouldn't get processed for a couple days. Got a confirmation on the 9th with a tracking number informing me to allow 24-48 hours for detailed info to show. Waited a couple days to see if the tracking info would appear but nothing. I email to report the issue with them telling me they would look in to it and not to worry. Over the next few days I check online repeatedly and still no info from USPS or from Hong Kong Post! Keep in mind I've been emailing them back and forth with promises that they would find my package. Finally I get this, 
"Hi we have checked with our post office and at this moment, they have no record on their computer. Honestly we don't know what is going on there. We shipped more than 100 orders this month and nothing goes wrong except this package. We are very sorry about that. In order to show our 100% legitimacy, we decide to fully refund your payment first. We will work with our post office to get the package back. If we succeed, we will email you and then you can order them again. Once again we deeply apologize for this unexpected problem. Regards MK"

Their words, verbatim. I mean really?! What are they tying to pull? I don't get how MY package was the only one to get "lost" after personally telling me they shipped it. What pisses me off is that they have the audacity to suggest I buy from them again! This was my first ever order from them and it was definately not a good experience. Has anyone else had problems with this guy? I've seen his ratings on eBay and he's near perfect across the board but this incident does not reflect that. I'm glad he refunded my money but I'll just spend it elsewhere. 

Sorry, I had to get this off my chest but I wanted people to be aware. So what do you guys think? Was he being legit or was he just beating around the bush and not telling me the real story? 
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So you're mad at a seller who most likely had no control of your package once it left his hands? Be fortunate that he refunded your money while apparently taking a loss...
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Be happy he refunded you your money. Thousands of packages get lost everyday in the mail, yours just happen to be one of them.
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Originally Posted by flores

Be happy he refunded you your money. Thousands of packages get lost everyday in the mail, yours just happen to be one of them.
Seriously. They already took the L. How is this "beating around the bush" ??
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What do you want him to do? He refunded your money and your still complaining, your package was lost deal with it, and you got a quick refund, its only shoes relax.
Joined Dec 7, 2001 has some very prompt and good customer service. They reply to all emails within 24 hours, usually much less. And he gave you your money back. Consider it a win bro. Service and response are way better then SDS, air-randy etc.
@ everyone ripping on dude looking for sympathy

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What more could you have asked for? You want dude to give you a full body massage with a happy ending too?
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