Trophy Room X Air Jordan 5 JSP | Spring 2019


Joined Apr 2, 2014
Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 10.17.16 AM.png

Still Qi'n... I think I broke something :lol:

Edit: Ahhhhh... there we go!
Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 10.18.16 AM.png

Now on with my day! Have a great weekend y'all, and I'll see ya in threads where customers actually have a chance!


formerly juice8732
Joined Mar 23, 2007
i was able to get through manually for a size 12. my homie got through manually on a size 10 and he don't even really mess with sneakers too much.
Joined Jun 1, 2006
So iam guessing there's a trick using shopify by adding something cheap in your cart before the shoe drops?
Does this trick still work because i noticed an ugly trophy room tee sellout.
Joined Jan 25, 2010
Had cart/checkout tabs already opend on my browsers so I didn’t get stuck in line. Also i find that if you’re able to locate the shoes before those big twitter handles shows everyone the link you’ll have a good shot
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