trying to find the correct forum for my question about Fuelband

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I'm a newbie, and I always hate running afoul the rules of forums like these, so I thought I'd ask- which forum would I post a specific question about my Fuelband SE? Would it be in Sports & Training in the Lounge section? Although that seems like general topics (sports teams, etc...), and not about any specific Nike products. Then again, all the other sections look like they're only about shoes and nothing else.

Anybody care to give me some direction? Thanks.

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Historically, fuel band discussions have been posted in the General forum:

If you want to ask in the Nike forum instead, as you cannot post in the General forum until you've been a member for 30 days, that's fine, too. The Nike forum is intended primarily for footwear products, but also plays host to the discussion of various Nike apparel products as well.
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