Twins but different fathers

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SMH, the father stay takin' L's by staying with her. It's quite funny, cause I was just joking with my twin about stating this same scenario whenwe were at the academic advising offices earlier in the week
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Originally Posted by Cobra Kai

[color= rgb(204, 153, 0)]And they had to be black...[/color]
first thing I thought when I clicked the link, "I bet they black"


elboricua 6

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just goes to show you how nasty some of these broads are ... letting different dudes beat and raw for that ......

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Wow that is so gross. I can't believe he is raising someone else son and claiming it as his own. Dude took a major L.
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Black @@@ ghetto trash. Had to be.

Letting dudes go up in em raw back to back then to have the nerve to wana put her story out there like that. We are not amazed at all, more disappointed .Blacks never fail

I'm black by the way
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Washington, who just turned 20, admitted to her partner that she had sex with another man within that five-day window - hence, the double conception.

The mystery began to be solved when her partner, 44-year-old James Harrison, became concerned that Justin and Jordan, born only 7 minutes apart, looked so different. A paternity test followed.

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