Twitter is a goldmine right now @SargeWP Vol. NoNEWfriends

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User @SargeWP is digging up old tweets from now popular young artists
and its making them look bad :smokin
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Promise I was just about to make this thread.

Kreyshawn consistantly saying N*gga

Meek Mills d*ck riding 50

Tyler the Creator & A$AP Rocky hating everybody & everybody hating Wale :rolleyes
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lmao meek was dying to be g-unit

the irony of french asking how many units 50 sold

iggy calling nicki fraud, but admitted she wants a feature

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Reading these tweets, these new cats are dweebs. :lol:
That's why I don't have twitter or any of these social networks.
I didn't see anything negative from Drake, J. Cole, or Kendrick, or K.R.I.T.
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@ Macklemore and Machine Gun Kelly hating, I'm convinced they don't listen to their own music.  Macklemore owes his career to Ryan Lewis.

I was surprised to see Action Bronson on there, I didn't think anyone followed dude.  His voice is too annoying to listen to.

Interesting to see what happens with Rockie Fresh and Travis Scott, doubt anything will though...
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It's funny how these dudes want everyone to think they are cool and somehow better than normal people.. all these clowns are fake as hell man :lol:
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