** * TWO FREE CONTESTS for TWO PAIRS OF DUNKS in exchange for VOTES * **

Joined Aug 2, 2006

EDIT: the new, second contest is at the bottom.  So there's going to be a raffle (I'll video it so you know it's legit) and a most-votes contest.

OG post:
I'm not really familiar with his genre of music--it's some loud, screaming rock music--but his band is getting some exposure, locally, and figured I'd post this to help him out.


All you do is click on that link (I warn you to mute, first, unless you like screaming rock music), and register (I'd recommend putting a fake cell phone number), and then click vote, and then confirm because the next page says "are you sure?" or something like that.

Like I said, I know I don't care for this type of music, and I'm sure most of NT doesn't either, but even if NT brings them even two more votes, eh, it was something.

Being that I'm a veteran on here, I know what I must do next:

Take a tagged pic of the screen, post it, I'll do a drawing of similar pieces of paper and send out these Jordan 2 Dunks from a few years ago.  They're size 10, only worn 2-3 times max.


You can vote once per day for however long this thing is going for.  I'll go through and count the votes that are posted and who ever has the most will win the white/blue/elephant print Dunks in this picture (also size 10).  

If they're not your size, just put them on eBay or BST section.  I'm too lazy for that, and my friend could use the support so I turned here.

Joined Aug 2, 2006
Good deal, guys. BTW, screenshots of the "thanks for voting" screen with NT open in the background will do from now on. I just realized how ridiculous tagged photos of a monitor are.

I'll post an edit in a moment, but you can vote once a day, too. I'll do another contest for whoever has the most votes--after I check when the end date is--and have another pair of Jordan-themed Dunks up for grabs in that one, too. They're the white and blue with the elephant print around the heal.
Joined Oct 15, 2008

Your vote has been cast! Check back tomorrow if you want to vote for The Tempest again.
Go to The Tempest's profile.
Joined Aug 2, 2006
Wow, voting goes on until May 16th... Eh, at least some people will get some free shoes out of this ordeal.
Joined Aug 2, 2006
Thanks for the votes--both of you
Since the turn out for this contest seems to suck, those who have voted are in a pretty good running for winning the raffle... 1/4 aren't bad odds. However, if any of you guys vote again, then you'll be in the lead/the only person qualified to win the blue pair, too.
Joined Dec 1, 2002
Every time someone does something like this on NT they front and we never get anything.

Maybe like 5 times since I've been on NT has someone actually provided what they said they were.

I hope this ain't another waste of time.


I Voted.

Joined Aug 2, 2006
I ensure you, I will be sending somebody these shoes. I would have put them up for sale, but since they're GR's, I'd have a hard time selling them.  I've been on NT too long to be stingy.  
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