U guys seen Kanye's new website????

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go to the top right of the page and there is music player with lupes new song from l.a.s.e.r.s its good mood muzik
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pretty cool. i give props to kanye for having good taste, but im not gonna act like he actually created this, which is what most people do.
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is that his new song on the home page?
Yes foreal.
I only listened to a couple of tracks from the 808 or whatever, and that wasn't one of them.

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Originally Posted by HigherGround

is that his new song on the home page?
Im so applaud is his new track. Youtube it

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Okie. I'm on this and I don't see anything special. Granted, that picture is spectacular. But there isn't much to do or see, unless I'm missing something. And the links being invisible doesn't help it at all.
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This site is superbly done. I ++%#$+! love Kanye. I love how the mp3 player can be hidden and peep the search engine. When this is finished it's gonna be tight.
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I don't see what's so amazing about the site.
It has an old song, a pic of amber and a bunch of comments praising him.
I don't see what's so special
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The only thing I like about it is that it is a step down from blog designs....meaning he or the designer is do less which is more. Blog are all so infatuated with banners and what not but it just makes them look so spam looking (and I get it that it is for money purposes). But the white space is cool, the frames are kind of neat on each picture and the hidden buttons and tabs are cool too.
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