U of T students, 200 level bird course?

Jul 8, 2003
I need to take a very easy 200 level course for this coming year at St. George. I want to take something in the social sciences or humanities, as long as it's really easy and I can get a 75-80 without much effort. Any suggestions?
I suck at science though, what kind of work do you do? I havent taken science since grade 11 biology where I got a 54%.
Dude, it's like nutrional science, food groups, whats in what food, why its good, why its bad, mechanisms of disease, etc...plus alot of his tests are just basically memorize the stats and facts he gives out in lecture, all in the lecture notebook that is sold with the class.

There is a bit of chemistry, but not so much.

anything with danesi as prof.

it doesn't even matter what course it is, dude just makes every class he teaches a breeze.

i think he's teaching a second year half course this year in anthropology.

edit: have you tried those classic courses? like mythology? i've only heard good things about them too.
SOC212....sociology of deviance and control....(full year course)....if you do the readings, it's an easy A:
-no final exam
-tests are laugh-out-loud easy
-1 essay that's due 6 months after it's initally assigned and in the assignment description he pretty much walks you step-by-step through the whole thing
-class = him reading (almost directly) from the book

edit: forgot to mention, the girls in sociology courses are amazing....i thought i was on a different campus compared to what i see all day in my science courses..... really the only reason i went to class.
So I cant take SOC212 because I didnt take sociology last year, and I cant take NFS284 because it conflicts with 2 other classes :smh:

Any other suggestions for bird courses? Thankssssssssss
its my first year going to UTM this year and is Linguistics a good 100 lvl bird course? my friend told me its easy, did anyone here take it before?
im looking to take two first or second year full year bird courses this summer, any suggestions?

is Italian for Beginners an easy course?
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