Joined Dec 23, 2003
anyone know how this shoe runs? i need a certain shoe from them and they dont do half sizes ( i dont know WHY companies do this) but im a true to size 8.5what size should i get? do they run big run small? any help is appreciated
Joined May 11, 2006
funny, cuz i was thinking THE SAME EXACT thing as i'm also a true 8.5. should be stopping by UBIQ when i go to philly, i'll let you know. and to answeryour question, it's much cheaper for production to avoid half sizes. think of it- that's about 6 sizes they don't need to pay to make. and not toknock UBIQ cuz they're one of my fave stores and brands, but they're def not selling to the capacity of Nike or adidas where they know they'reselling massive amounts to afford those extra production costs.
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