Ubiq Walnut St...whats the deal???

Dec 16, 2003
are they still open? their site says coming soon and they were supposed to renovate and come back w/ something strong

any info Philly NTers???
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i was talking to my boy Chris who works there and he said they're supposed to re-open sometime around the 20th. So any day now I guess....
i have a feeling this is all talk but i guess ill save judgement til i see, all i know if when Ubiq first opened they were easily the best store on the East Coast...beating all NYC stores IMO
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks
^ you work there? and can we have an estimated date of when it will open???
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks

Damn. I'm going home this weekend for Mother's Day. I'll have to check it out during the week.
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Good stuff, i'll be there Sat. Lookin foward to this.
ill prolly stop by later in the evening cause im going to the stephen and damian marley concert that night
never been. but i plan on visiting regularly as soon as i move out there for college.
but now its real, jazzy belle.​
getting a shower and heading over soon, pretty excited bout this, hope it brings back memories of 03/04
Hard Knocks Open Tough Locks
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