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Wassup UCI heads, just wondering who on here attends UCI

I got some questions for ya'll too, how is the atmosphere of the school,city, and student life?
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Yeah can anyone answer the questions above? i got into UCI and UCR and i'm kinda deciding between the two.
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Riverside=not crackin....but UCI you can always hit up different cities close by to party up, Riverside, you're just stuck.

Shameless plug: If you decide on UCI check out the Darkboyz during welcome week

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There is no decision between UCI and UCR, you might as well go to state or a JC over UCR, what a crappy school. Nightlife for 21 and over is pretty wack in Irvine, but it's because it's such a new city that there isn't a downtown.
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atmosphere of the place is pretty nice. the campus itself is one giant circle, and you can get from one side of campus to the other if you cut through the park in the middle. although irvine looks nice, the city itself has a fake feel to it because everything looks the same. youll have to drive wherever you plan on going.

student life is whatever. theyre in the process of constructing the new student center, which should be done by next school year. sucks for me because im graduating in june and im not gonna be able to enjoy it.

majority of the heads that go here commute, and almost everyone goes home on the weekend.

if youre looking to party and all that noise, irvine is not the city to party at. youre gonna have to go outside of irvine to find something decent. unless someone you know throws a kickback at their apartment/dorm/whatever or youre in a fraternity, look elsewhere.

if youre looking for food, almost everything closes in irvine at around 9, 10 tops. youll also have to go outside of irvine for some better food, but the drive isnt that bad depending on where you go.

pm me if you have any other questions.

hey OneTrueSoul, are you in TDB? 2 of my roommates are actives.
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^^^Who's your roomies? Yea, I'm pretty old in TDB...but I might know them
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I'm a third year here at uci and I like it a lot. The envrionment is very chill and so are the people. Irvine itself isn't the most exciting city, but really student lfie is up to you and what you decide to do.

We also have a group here, sneakerheads@uci, if you're interested. Just a bunch of shoe heads who meet twice a month - members also get discounts at The Attic, Blends in Costa Mesa, and Proper. The club is ran by BJ who on NT is "HipHopCaliber" i believe. You can hit him up or me if you need anything, peace man
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After going to cc in L.A., I moved to Irvine to go to UCI and I liked it a lot. Less traffic, area is sooo much nicer, there's more room and even the air seems cleaner.

Now I'm back in L.A. and I miss some of the things over there. Campus is spacious, a little too much if you ask me, especially because I liked to wear nice kicks and I had to huff it all the way across campus. But it is nice, lots of computers, "scenery" and plant life, and it was pretty quiet overall. You'll get the occasional protest and rally, but that's university life for you.

I quit partying hard after high school, just didn't really appeal to me if it wasn't my close friends and you can be damn sure I didn't go to school to make friends. I went for my degree. So I can't speak much about that, except for the fact that lots of people were handing out fliers for parties and crap on the main road.

What I miss the MOST is the ARC. 4 full length indoor basketball courts (if you count the back court where they do badminton). I would hit that place up EVERY day after class for hours and hours, trying out new shoes. I will never take another indoor basketball court for granted again.
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ucr is good if you like to gamble.
or snowboard.
close to mt high, bear, and morongo
i don't attend btw. my friends do.

looking for:
vnds/ds am95s in sz 8-8.5
vnds/ds 3s & 4s in sz 8
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i'm a first year a uci. i was really skeptical about going to irvine because it wasn't my top choice. however, i've grown to liking the school. it's got a good atmosphere.

if you're planning on living on campus, i highly recommend living in mesa court. middle earth is full of weirdos (yes, i'm baised). all the athletes live in mesa and so do all the good looking girls. plus, more dorm parties happen in mesa. as for me, i happen to drink every wednesday night with my friends. it's sort of become a tradition, "winning wednesdays" as we like to call it. one minor flaw about mesa court has to be the food. commons is atrocious. if you want some good food, head over to middle earth's brandywine commons. that place is pretty good.

as for the atmosphere, it's fairly quiet on the weekends. a majority of kids go home. so either join a frat or get to know the right people if you want to party. the study environment is pretty good. it's not as competitive as the higher echelon UC's like Berkley, LA, or SD. However, if you're a bio sci major like everyone else, then you're gonna have to work your butt off. i can attest to that. my study habits haven't been so great which is why my gpa is in the mid 2's right now. i seriously need to get my act together.

i also agree with Deezy. the ARC is amazing. i spend at least a good 2 hours there playing basketball or in the workout room. You can usually catch me in the courts around 5-8 PM playing in some military 4's.

if you need anymore help, feel free to PM me.

btw, when's the next sneakerhead meeting. i've been wanting to join. also, i've heard of the Darkboyz. one of my hallmates pledged fall quarter but dropped. i heard the stuff they make the pledges do is crazy. definitely not my type of steez. however, i heard it's pretty nice once you cross.
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uci alum here...i miss eating at that asian place (forgot the name) right by Albertson's on Campus Dr. lol...wasn't great but everyone went there to eat.
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i am a first year at uci as well..first off i gotta say X I A N 9 what are you talking about middle earth people being weird...i am not weird...i guess the ppl you met are. anyways for me uci was one of my top choices for schools and i have come to enjoy my time here.

well i guess it is in terms of opinion where to stay on campus during your first year. For me, having kind of experienced both dorms (mesa during SPOP, which you should do) i have to say middle earth seems to be more lively since it is located more on campus to ring road and stuff. but either choice isnt bad...its a matter of what you like. just go check out either and see which suits you..but yeah brandywine is the best for food though it gets kinda ehhh after too many times there.

i do agree with X I A N 9 that on weekends it is pretty dead. most people go home so if you dont drive it might get a little boring unless you know people or go to work out or something. but yeah uci is a pretty good school. well i guess it may not be ucla or berkeley, but it is still a tough school depending on major. lots of freshman are bio majors though. i myself am an engineering major, but i havent studied as hard as i could and am getting in the high 2s.

but yeah the arc is really nice. i havent been there in a while to work out. i used to go there to ball and what not, but i have gotten lazy. but its got basically all you would ever want from a gym. for sure check that out.

any questions, pm as well..
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^hah. i was just messing about middle earth being full of weirdos. but you gotta admit that there are a lot of them there. then again, there are those types in mesa. it all depends on how you feel. like i said, i am most definitely pleased with mesa.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Riverside=not crackin[hr][/hr]
in spring break
and someone called the cops because of a noise complaint
i was like @#%$? ITS SPRING BREAK FINALS ARE DONE whose callin the cops?
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uci alum, its been too long for me to comment on it...
first year i lived in mesa also, we had good times, lots of partying...

after that it was in Newport Beach, where obviously there are tons of parties...
and you can catch the shuttle to school, so no HIGH driving.... =)
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As a UCR alumni, off course my views will be a bit biased... I went to UCR for four years.

First and foremost, you should probably think hard about your major. If you're undecided then I can't help.

But if you're headed towards the field of science, then by all means go to UCI.

On the other hand, if you're headed towards a business major, then UCR is a better choice for you.

As for college life, I think UCR wins out because we were isolated out there. There are plenty of house parties during the weekend and there's good old El Castillo. And if we did want to go clubbing, Downtown L.A. is just a 45 minute drive away. UCR is less of a commuter school than UCI is. I have friends and family that went to UCI.

Parties are overrated anyways, trust me! During the 1st year, you'll feel like you need to hit up all the parties, 2nd year you still want to go, but not as much. By your 3rd, 4th, 5th years?! You'll be partied out. Missing them, not being a good active.

O ya, being in the safest city in the U.S., comes with a price of putting up with strict cops. I've lived in the Tustin/Irvine area since 1990.

To sum it up, go to school in Riverside, graduate get out and raise your family in Irvine.

As for some last word's of wisdom...

Go to the school where your future career will benefit from the most.

Don't be cheap, 1st year should always be at the dorms.

About fraternities, join a proactive one, something that's inline with your career path(business oriented). I made the wrong choice at Riverside, (almost cost someone their life and the lives of me and my bros). Don't join one that hazes. Hazing doesn't lead to stronger bonds or brotherhood. It's a snowball effect, wherein the next guy will get it harder than the one before.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]i miss eating at that asian place (forgot the name) right by Albertson's on Campus Dr. lol...wasn't great but everyone went there to eat.[hr][/hr]

haha isnt it that oriental kitchen place? i only ate there once. pretty much on point when you say the food wasnt all that.

the little food court at wholesome choice off culver and michelson is pretty good though.
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UCI, better for academics. parties not too cracking. and usually kinda far off. basically, just going there for school cuz you can go anywhere else and drive to their parties.

UCR, exactly what it stands for. REJECTS. but, closer housing means more parties. howveer you dont have all the city stuff liek UCI.

all pref. college is college in the end.

holla front!
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Anyone from the Bay Area attend UCI? Asking because I want to know how it compares to the Bay, and how your life is in college because from the replies it seems that on the weekends it is "dead" and I doubt that you'll drive 400 miles every friday.
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im a 2nd year bio major at UCI. it's aiiiiiiiiighttt. bio is hard though. you really gotta work hard at it, i heard the LARC (tutor program) for it is very helpful. the atmosphere is pretty chill, but i live on/off campus in VDCN so i usually just go to class then bounce. the ARC is pretty dope, but their weightroom is kinda small and it gets crowded during primetime.

parties are here and there, you just gotta know the right people i guess.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Anyone from the Bay Area attend UCI? Asking because I want to know how it compares to the Bay, and how your life is in college because from the replies it seems that on the weekends it is "dead" and I doubt that you'll drive 400 miles every friday.[hr][/hr]

well, weather is generally nicer out here obviously. if i had to compare it to a place up north, id have to say pleasanton or dublin. im from union city, and its totally different in terms of looks, atmosphere, culture, etc. for me i went to school out here for a change of scenery. expect a bunch of heads saying theyre dodgers/angels/lakers fans and at the same time theyll hate on any of the teams in the bay. the socal people may even tease you just because youre from norcal. its all in fun i guess but some people are straight up weird (or jealous hah).

college is alright. it all depends on what you do and what you make of it. on the weekends yeah its pretty dead, so try and meet people that are also stranded on the weekends (i.e. other norcal/bay people) or just dont wanna go home. make the most of the situation. you might want to bring your car so you have more options to go places, but at the same time you might be asked to drive others around as well.
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