ui... sino ba may tmac 6 maui sa inyo? T-T

yo tmac...no word on those asia exclusives yet, and those mauis...i got them madd nice hahaha man stop sleepin on the hot adidas releases bro, hope you get them, i put pics up in the more brands section, on page 10 of the tmac vi sticky heres the link: p107.ezboard.com/fniketal...1&stop=200
care of another niketalker... mine's in the mail!

one NTer emailed me last dec 19 that he's selling his pair.. after i replied, i never heard of him ever since.. niceeee.. he could at least tell me whether theyre still available.. oh well..
Mine just arrived in the mail yesterday! damn nice and comfy! :wow:

Thank you to the nter that sent it to me... whoever you are! :rofl:

CJ, i didn't get it for the name... it just so happened it was the same, now some the people that saw me rockin it last night thought i had it ID'ed. :lol:
because of the maui 2006 on the side, people thought i had it id'ed like nikes... and most people, like yourself, thought i got it because of wifey's name. :rofl:
everybody's ganging up on me? :lol:
truth is, when i first saw the pics, i really didn't know that that it had maui stictched on it. i was gonna buy the white/black colorway until i saw these. having "maui" stitched on it was an added bonus.

if it had jojo on the side of it, i'd still buy it! :rofl:
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