Unique Nike NBA Shoes 2011? Who can find out?

Sep 17, 2022
Can someone know more information about this pair of Nike Shox Air Hyperballer 2011 shoes autographed by NBA players of the Dallas Mavericks (signatures authenticated) 2012-2013 season, the thing is that apparently they are unique or personalized, they were possibly made by a player for a special occasion that could have been the NBA final on June 12, 2011 where the Dallas mavericks won the only championship in their history, this is because the label has exactly that date and they also say PROMO, on the other hand these boots They were worn in classic blue logo colors by player Shawn Marion at the time. The big questions are: Who and when did they send them to do? Are they personalized? They are unique? Did they go on sale to the public? Thank you for your help and hopefully we can learn more about this RARE item


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Those were sold at retail, obviously not the color way.

They aren’t personalized since it doesn’t have any name or logos on them. Any big name player usually will have some sort of logo or something on them
Thank you for your comment, I have not seen that combination of colors (blue/gold) and apparently they did not come to the public market, will they be a unique pair?
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