University of Maryland: University College


Jul 12, 2005

do any of you go here?

i am planning on transferring to a college near home ( i am from VA) and one of the few colleges i am looking at is this one. ( It was G-town first but things changed lol)

So can you guys give me all the Good and the BAD >?

what to look for? how good is the school? how hard/easy is to transfer?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in adavce.

hey if I were you, you should look more into University of Maryland: College Park. I Believe University of Maryland: University College has a 100% acceptance rate so you can transfer in easily. Also heard its a terrible school and the students there are mainly adults meaning there wont be people you age. College Park on the other hand is a very good public school ( Smith, the business program, is top 25 in the nation. Also Top 50 school overall in the nation). Its near G-Town (about 30 mins). From what i heard you only need over a 3.0 gpa to transfer in. Some of my friends actually got in with a 2.9. Even though they're expectations arn't high, this is a pretty tough school.

Some Goods about this school...
Nice Resteraunts outside of campus
LOTS of parties
Everything is close to each other
Very Big campus
Good School

Some Bads about this school...
High crime rate
Drunk students get annoying sometimes
Football team sucks
Traffic blows
if i were you i would go for UMCP. UMUC is more for adults and does not offer the regular college experience if thats what you are looking for.
I have a couple of friends that are currently attending UMUC's Masters/MBA program and they love the flexibility if offers. They are able to work full-time and still pursue their education on-line.
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