UO heads roll call

Summit at the dorms? :rolleyes

Actually...if someone wants to hook up some meal points...i'm DOWN for a summit at the dorms.

My demands: Jamochalatte, Panini, Oreo Cake from Common Grounds.
IT IS[/center]
Aren't the only NT'ers from UO: Nick, Mikey, and Dane?

And if it's you three, and I'm assuming you guys are roommates, wouldn't it be a summit at your apartment (or house) everyday?

Any other UO'ers?
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Nah, no summit here...just the only place with L'Style J's in the Euge hahahha. anyways....meal points are clutch and will get you a key to our apartment. Thanks.

<-----Sending in my Application next month once I get my SAT scores. Guaranteed admission 8)
. Any tips/advice for a future student?
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What dorm are you in?

If you're in the new complex I hope you fall off the top floor.

Those are just toooo nice for a dorm.

It's all about being in a 10x15 in Thornton (Bean) and getting the full experience.
IT IS[/center]
Are the new ones the ones by the Rec center? I wanna get in those, haha.
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jonathon stewart is a balla
i need thing dunks sz11.5

i rip and i rhyme
i rhyme and i rip
Yes, freshman this year. In the nice dorms by the rec center... they are huge.

Ill go for some type of summit. Thanks Mikey for showing me tactics the other day.
Maybe? I went to tactics a couple weeks ago and got the black white and yellow lows. I was in the black dodge.
no you idiots dont know him nor have you met him. He went to my high school.....you owe me mealpoints @#%$!

aim-Kixslf mike

NT...where haters run rampant
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