Upcoming Artist Jay Money- Music Video Down & Out, Give Me Feedback And Pros/Cons

Joined Dec 19, 2007
Upcoming good kid i know just tryna make it into the music world, NT i need your help, Give me feedback on what you think and the pros and cons, any tips or feedback helps and please keep it mature

He's not a member on NT but i will give him this link so he can see. Again, just want feedback and the good and bad about him

also myspace music page

ham city

Joined Oct 18, 2009
I like the delivery and mic presence, flow is nice, punchlines are very elementary (sadly standard in today's rap)

tell son to keep working, he's at the stage where he's really going to have to start separating himself from the thousands of other myspace rappers by finding some way to stick out and exceed the competition if he wants to actually go somewhere with it as a career.
Joined Dec 21, 2002
NO to that burberry belt.

Has he ever shot or killed anybody?.... seems that's all he talks about. just asking.
Joined Apr 18, 2005
His timing is terrible.

The fact that he needs to double up his voice for 85% of his rhymes is terrible.

He's just not believable.
Joined Sep 23, 2008
This guy doesn't look or sound believable with all that gun talk.
His flow is terrible, rhymes aren't anything new, I give this guy a 4 out of 10.
I hope rapping is just a fun hobby for this tough guy.
Joined Dec 19, 2007
Thanks guys for all the feeback, again hes not an NT member but i showed him the link, and once again, we just looking for the pros and cons, hes not perfect but just wanna see what everyone thinks.
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