** UPDATE 1.16.08 ** Jordan "CP3" Model

Sep 2, 2007
Source "SneakerFiles.com"

As many of us wait patiently for the new Jordan CP3 model to drop, we have a small preview of two pairs releasing in 2008. The CP3 is actually Chris Paulsfirst signature sneaker and from what we heard, a great pair of on the court kicks.

Featured new color ways of the Jordan CP3 are White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red-Black and Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red. Both pairs drop May 1st, viaNemesis.


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1and12 wrote:
Here ya go...

Off Dimemag


The shoe's design is inspired by the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, as a way of showing respect to the city. It also bares symbols that are near and dear to CP: for example, the ankles of the shoe were designed to emulate bowling pins. (If you didn't know, CP is a hardcore bowler - he hosts a bowling weekend in Winston-Salem every year.)

An even more important aspect of the shoe is the "Sixty1″ on the heel of each sneaker. Everyone knows the story of how when Chris was in high school, he scored 61 points in a game just days after his 61-year-old grandfather had been killed. After scoring that 61st point, Chris walked off the court to leave that number on the scoreboard as a tribute to his grandfather.

As far as the technical aspects of the shoe, it's super lightweight (14oz.), super breathable with ventilated ankles, and comes out of the box ready to play.
The Jordan CP will be available March 1st with a suggested retail price of $115. Hit up www.jumpman23.com for more info.

UPDATE 1.14.08

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Oh also off Kenlu's EDTrigger an interview with JM
really appreciate designer of Jordan CP3, Jason Mayden's time to answer my questions, and translation from Vincent. We hope people get into hard work behind the kicks after reading the interview.

1. How did you and CP start the project?
We started this project early as part of our pitch to persuade CP to join the brand. Because of the fact that he was not a Jordan athlete at the time we looked at New Orleans and its culture as the main inspirational launch point. Upon meeting with CP and his family in Portland we began to evolve the product into something that was more personal and more geared to his style of play, which is an intensive mixture of blinding speed and youthful strength.

2. What's the most impressive input from CP about his first signature shoe?
What sticks out in my mind the most was two points. The first being how he immediately wanted to get involved and engaged with the design and color selection process of the shoe. He has Adobe Illustrator on his computer and we often trade emails with pics attached of possible color and material combos in addition to design changes. We new coming into this shoe that there would be a lot that we would miss. That is a natural part of trying to capture a person's soul in a static product. The goal wasn't to create a shoe with a lot of gimmicks. The goal was to introduce CP's personality, life and passions to the world via the shoe in addition to creating a solid hoops shoe at an affordable price.

3. Why CP? He got his Jordan Brand signature in his 2nd year. That's Fast!
Well when we brought Chris on board we were thinking about the future. MJ wants to have his key guys grow and learn while contributing to the brand. So CP will have many more shoes to come if he continues to exemplify the core qualities of a Jordan athlete on and off the court.

4. Are there any message codes on the kicks?
Lots...You will have to figure them out...lol.

5. I noticed the leather wraps under the shoe, what brought you that idea? will it cause problem about durability?
We wanted to create a shoe with a stand platform that could hold up to CP's style of the play. The leather rand wraps underneath and is then stitched into the upper. By doing this you create a better fitting and more durable shoe for a fast guard. Not to mention that the shoe is around 14oz in a size 9. So it's really light.

6. What's the story behind 61 points?
Check the story of his grandfather Nathaniel Jones on Google. He was murdered while Chris was in highschool So CP wanted to honor him by scoring one point for every year of his fathers life.

7. The outsole pattern is a bit similar to air jordan 22's. Is there any relationship between these two?
No. The traction actually doesn't mimic the 22. I did the traction for the 22 and based it of a military stripe which a chevron. The CP traction pattern is a hexagon cut in half which makes the letter "C". The hexagon also ties back to the hornets nest. That where the shape of the perfs and the stitching comes from on the shoe.

8. Is there any reason you pick metal mesh as an accent on the shoe?
For its breathable and structural properties.

9. How'd you compare CP3 to AJ23? (easy, I don't think Tinker will visit Kenlu~~ ha....)
They are the best shoes at their price points. What you get in CP's shoe at 115. Is comparable to a lot of shoes that cost a lot more. The amount of detail and performance drive construction elements will truly surprise the consumer. It actually weighs less than the 23 so that is a point of difference. But remember CP is a quick PG so his shoe has to be light.

10. What color is going to be released? or any secret player edition on the ground?
Well there will be 7 first colorways spread out strategically around the country and globe. The ones CP wore the other night are actually the New Orleans versions. Wake Forest will also wear this shoe during March Madness.

Pics From KixandtheCity
Ugly :smh:
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Still playin' it safe with the colorways I see.

I was hoping to see a colorway like his AJ 22 PE's...

I'll wait till I see them in person or an actual pic to decide on those.

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Still playin' it safe with the colorways I see.

Those are just two of many colorways, for urban accounts...

There are many colorways coming that will be direct hook to his uniform...such as a Black/Varsity Maize colorway that will be found only @ Champs...

"I am making a comment by not making a comment," [Hank] Aaron told The Associated Press on Monday.
i just want to see a hornets colorway before i make a final decision on if i like em or not. they look okay to me now, but a hornets colorway will make or break em for me.
Not for me
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I like the look of those - look like a quality team model but there's nothing wrong with that. Looks a little like a Lebron or Kobe shoe too but I guess it's just the shape of modern basketball shoes.

For a reasonable price I would consider picking them up - the black and red ones probably.

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looks good
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^^^^im pretty sure ******ed in the context it was used meant a good thing, but the point about the mediocrity of the GRs is 100% true.
Why is there a red/black colorway for these? I need a Hornets colorway ASAP!!!
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seriously, the 22 pe for Chris is quite possibly the nicest looking jordan exclusive I have ever seen, I went nuts when I saw them in KICKS, I hope for my bank accounts sake I never get a chance to get a pair of them
Drop actual pics already! Best looking next-gen sig shoe so far imo. better than ZK3, LBJV, MeloIV.
Drop actual pics already! Best looking next-gen sig shoe so far imo. better than ZK3, LBJV, MeloIV202< Bush Lives In My Backyard, He Doesn't Dare Hop That Fence >202
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