Update on my kidney stones ugh

bad n fluenz

Jun 25, 2004
Still haven't passed it. My bladder never feels empty and i keep getting blockage in my kidneys causing pain simliar to childbirth in women. They dope meup on 5 shots of dilaudid all that does is eliminate the pain. Then they gave me 15 pills of dilaudid, orally they don't work, so I snorted one and itworked. I am about to just give up and end my life. I can't deal with this a week of this is TOO MUCH. for me. I am asking my dr for OC a.k.a. Oxycontin.they were like there is nothing stronger than dilaudid i did research and Oxycontin is stronger. I'm sick of this so i'ma be blunt and asking for theOC.
Hang in there man.

My pops is going through the same thing. He just had a procedure done yesterday where they "blasted" them with a laser.
My husband has a calcium disorder and is very prone to these so I'm just going to extend my sympathies.
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there's no guy around that can suck that out for you?

but on the real man good luck with that. oxies are everywhere. if your doc won't prescribe them just ask around a little bit

"blasted" aka Lithotripsy.

Hurts a lot but you get used to the pain but the after results are

honestly, the thought of having to pass a kidney stone has me shook.

I really hope things go smoothly for you.

Just the thought of a little rock comin out of my bishop-hole makes me cringe
Ephan what the hell dude, seriously. Stay out of my posts if your going to be negative. Your acting childish, that would be like me going in to your R.I.P.post and laughing that your loved one died. Just to give you some knowledge. No, they can't be sucked out/Flushed out/ and no it has nothing to do with mysexuality. They can only be removed by laser (but even with that you still have to pass them) and they have something called "go and grab" where theygo in the pee hole and grab the stone wherever it is located and pull it out.

I am sick of your E-Thugging ePhan your hiding behind a computer them tactics are getting old kid. Here's a very easy trick, if you don't like medon't read my posts stay out of them. It's that easy, I mean why do you waste time trying to attack me like are you my number one fan? I wasn'taware I even had a fan club. Whats your real name and address So I can send you an autographed picture?
Your acting childish, that would be like me going in to your R.I.P. post and laughing that your loved one died.

No it wouldn't....

But away from all of that.... I pray to god that I NEVER get one of these... just like Club said, the thought of that happening to me makes me cringe.
Ephan what the hell dude, seriously. Stay out of my posts if your going to be negative. Your acting childish

U MAD???
na jk.
ever since that sienfeld episode were kramer has to pass one :smh
These threads always get derailed damn

Hope your situation works out though OP
i saw a picture once of one of those things. it look like it was enclosed in some type of membrane. it was some real sci-fi mess.
me too. It's been a week almost and still have yet to pass the damn stone. The dr said i got 2 stones stuck in the tube from the kidney to the bladder. Iwould never wish these on anyone except Ephan, then we'll see if he wants to jock me once he experiences the aftermath of a kidney stone. I reported Ephan.I told them not to ban him though, just to limit to how much he can post. Like for example I told them to make it so he can only reply to one topic and createone topic a day. IMO that would be a lot worse than banning someone. Maybe that'll teach him to be more mature.
Dude i take it you NEVER had a damn stone? Try getting one and not being able to pass it for a week. Yea ppl get them everyday dude, but the pain is gone ONCETHE STONE HAS PASSED. And in rare cases like mine the stone hasn't passed and drugs barely help. That's it that's all i am going to waste on you.I'll just wait for you to get banned.
this is one of my BIGGEST fears...i would never want to experience what your going through..

if you cant piss it out, isn't surgery the next available thing?...either way hang in there my dude
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