Updates on Gurnee Mills Outlet??

I know I saw the all white XXI at Aurora, but it was just plain crazy there, when I went at midnight. I believe that they were $80 or 90.
They were $89.99 at the Aurora Outlet. I was there last night and I picked them up for $72. I was thinking about getting the West Coast XX's but the box was horribly beat up and I am not crazy about the colorway so I passed. It was definitely insane there. I got there right about midnight (no major issues getting into the lot and parking), had my shoes in hand right away, got in line around 12:20, out by 12:53. Considering how crazy it was, I thought that was a pretty quick trip. Did you see that line at Coach?
/\ How did getting those XXI's go? Did you get anything else while you were there? Or did you not go out there?
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