UPS Shipping + Customs Question

Jan 22, 2006
greetings my fellow cdn NTers,

quick question for you, I want to order some clothing from the US and they will ship via UPS. Anyone know how much approximately UPS charges to bring it across the border/how much i should expect to pay in duties (or is it the same thing)

Value of items is approx: 50-100 USD.


or anyone have experience having something shipped from the US via UPS? did you ahve to pay extra taxes/duties or anything?
I haven't order in about a year...but last time I did was about 15 dollars for a pair of $120 kicks.

it'll vary depending on your luck, sometimes you may not have to pay anything other times, it'll be like 20 percent.
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UPS? ur F'd.

I got a package, 110usd, was hit with like 70$

Its the GST + PST of ur item, converted into cdn dollars. + like $24 for brokerage fees.

You might get lucky with the $60 gift allowance.

UPS is ******ed.

i got 4 pairs of jordans....form cali...marked as a gift...via usps....212 taxes......I paid but issued an appeal..its bulls*t
UPS is some charged almost 60 buks on a $200 pair of shoes marked as a gift...some brokerage fee and taxes on top of that...USPS not probs at all...DHL surprisingly good had 2 pairs shipped from Europe and didnt have to pay anything!

Brown can't do anything for me...
FedEx sucks too, they charged me $50 for some $130 shoes, and as many stores, they didn't mark as gift as it's illegal

Canadapost x USPS FTW :D
I JUST called UPS yesterday about a package as well, the nice lady gave me a breakdown:

Declared value:

$0-20 -> $0 UPS brokerage fee
$20-40 -> $7 (brokerage fee) + $5.85 (bond fee) + $4.25 (COD - delivery person's fee), which roughly = $17 pre any applicable PST/GST

Then there's another bracket for I think $40-100 but at least I ain't gonna declare anything over $40 if I go with UPS so I didn't bother finding out.

On top of that, Canadian customs will tack on any customs charge they deem necessary on top of UPS fees so I can see why people are getting robbed.

The smart thing to do is have the shipper declare the package as gift with a value of say $15 or ship USPS to avoid any custom brokerage fees. As if it's not bad enough peeps are still paying 1:1.3~ 1:1.5 (US:CDN) price levels, outrageous sales AND import taxes, EVERYONE just wants mucho $$$ at our expenses.

This stuff is almost like the exact opposite of the lottery, instead of a random (supposedly) chance of you winning some money, you get a random (sometimes not so random) chance of you definitely losing some money.
thx for the info everyone :smile:

I think you can avoid the bond fee, if you get your brokerage fee into UPS before your shipment crosses the border. My package should be crossing tmr :\
i should call them ask
hopefully customs wont kill me.
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