UPS shipping unappreciation Vol. where they do that at

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so i ordered an item with 2 day shipping yesterday from amazon and here's the tracking history:

[table][tr][td]March 23, 2010[/td] [td]02:10:00 PM[/td] [td]Louisville KY US[/td] [td]Arrival Scan[/td] [/tr][tr][td]March 23, 2010[/td] [td]07:39:00 AM[/td] [td]Phoenix AZ US[/td] [td]Departure Scan[/td] [/tr][tr][td]March 23, 2010[/td] [td]03:30:00 AM[/td] [td]Phoenix AZ US[/td] [td]Arrival Scan[/td] [/tr][tr][td]March 22, 2010[/td] [td]08:41:00 PM[/td] [td]Phoenix AZ US[/td] [td]Departure Scan[/td][/tr][/table]
i'm in CA btw. $@*% just don't make sense: first of all they take a day to ship from phoenix to phoenix, then they ship it to kentucky? i'm the next state over
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Goes from the local store to the distribution center in Phoenix. Fly it out to Kansas so they can get it on a plane already headed to Cali that night. It's all about connections. They probably didn't have a truck available from Phoenix to where you live in CA so they're just making it happen the best way they can.
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amazon's prime has been getting crappy lately, i've been getting my 2 day packages now on the 3rd day, happened to 4 out of my 5 last orders
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UPS is alright but their rates are getting too expensive. I'm in Cali and when I ship some shoes out by UPS ground it's always about $15/$16. It used to be about $11/$12.
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