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how much r the mars 4's going for up there? im from toronto and thinkin bout going up there to pick up a pair considering a pair down here will run u about 210ish canadian :rolleyes

also, are there anymore pippen II's in the white/red colorway?
ive been needing these for a minute but they didnt even come to canada
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^ its a mom and pops shop with those pippens here in rochester. i can go check it out for you
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formerly ciseone
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i remember seeing them up at finishline @ walden galleria a few months back but i passed and grabbed some am95s... now im kinda regretting that i passed on em.
if any of y'all seen em, i would like to know, seeing that i wouldnt mind grabbing a pair for a decent price.
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streetgame at the walden galleria mall has the steve nash air max 90's for 99.00 if any one is interested
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i didn't know it was this many heads on nt from the buffalo area...

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A "leaving Buffalo" update...

Well, my stay here in Buffalo has come to an end, I am moving back to my hometown (Queens, NY) for good. To all my Buffalo and Upstate NY shoeheads, it's been fun. Gonna miss the short lines and great deals. Now I gotta compete with all the crazy kids, but maybe I'm getting too old for this (well, i'm only 23).

Anyway, update!

Phatman on Transit Rd. is having a Buy One Get One Half sale on EVERYTHING (excluding Dunk SBs). Zoom Teams, Classics, P-Rods, and other Nike's are fair game.

Streetgame in Walden Galleria has the Rejuvenation Pack for retail. Other good deals: Human Torch 95's sz 7.5 for $139.99, sz 7 HOA AM95 Neon for $79.99, HOA 97 and 03 for $75, HOA 93 for $30. They also have the Steve Nash AM90's for $99 as well.

Athlete's Foot is having a Buy One Get One Half sale as well. Some obvious exclusions (Jordans, Nikes). Limited stuff is excluded as well. They also have the Tony Parker Dunks.

Champs in Boulevard has Mets replica jerseys for $69.99, or just over $51 after the F&F sale. Picked me up a Beltran and Wright jersey. Not pertaining shoes, but good for Mets fans.

Footaction in Boulevard has Buy One Get One Half on New Era Fitteds. But definitely cheaper to buy just one using the F&F.


For UB (University at Buffalo) students, good luck, UB is a great and vastly underrated school. I'll miss my time there (plus UB's white-chick crop is primo).
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hey justhotkicks...if you're ever in riverhead stop in the nike outlet and look for Jourdan...I also left buffalo about a month ago.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]kash4545 [hr][/hr]

Look a few posts on top...there is a Streetgame Galleria update.

One final update:

Laux Sporting Goods inside Boulevard Mall has one LAST pair of Jordan Retro IV Pures in 10.5...for $79.99. Here's the catch: it was a display, and it's a tad dingy. A wipedown with a cleaner, or light dabbing with acetone will clean it up. Pretty good deal.
"A bee bit my bottom, and now my bottom is big." - Homer Simpson​
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97 rejuv pack
i work at the caro.. mall so i guess anything in there, havent really got to check out any other place since moving here
Joined Apr 25, 2005
Yo Kyle, Is FL sellin the Military's early on Saturday next week? Also, how many pr did yall get?
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