Urea Confession--MOST regretful hypebeast moment

Oct 17, 2000
Alright people,

It's been jive dead around here. So, here is my attempt...

And even the most pretigous people in the area (Rockdeep*cough*Ican*cough*Method Man*cough*KDAY*cough*JRoseMy story :smh:

And what the hell I was gonna do with 7 pair still :rolleyes

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If Nike throws cement print on just about anything.....I just might buy it...smh @ myself. If I could I would get cement seat covers for my car :smh:
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And we all know how that release (and the quality of that shoe) went.
I was working @ Finishline when those dropped, i remember looking at every shoe in all 12 shipment boxes and finding something wrong with every single one
I'm a BEAST for kicks that have either multiple fabrics/materials used...or very intricate details.

suede + crocodile + cement + mesh + patent = :smokin
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Import, were you able to get them as a result?

I have too much pride to camp-out...I just show up straight from the club...lol.

I DID however stand in line a lil' early for the 3 Bears and the Money Cat Dunks.
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(use to) buy @#%$ that comes off as "limited" :smh:

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You camped for OLNL? Where do you live Pluto?

I saw those on some shelves like 2 days ago.

I'm sure Kev was there. He videos all local camp-outs to show his baby "this is how it was in my day".
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i camped for de la lows....my 1st and last

i am still ashamed of myself to this day........

i got bit by the sb bug but i can honestly say i do not own a pair anymore...
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I haven't been to Major in months...shoes just don't thrill me anymore. (When those Barkleys drop...it's a wrizzy though)
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I have no confessions. The worst I've done was probably getting up early with Zorrow(Derrick) and waiting outside of Mondowmin at 6am. And I was smart for that.

Well, sometimes I pass on stuff and wish I'd copped. Easters 06( F.U. early, Ian. I know what you're going to say.......). The Mars IV, and that's about it. I have few regrets and few beast moments. I usely talk to myself in the store when I'm about to wild out.

But I'm with JR. With the exception of ID's, I'm out the game until something says to me. "Oh great Don Davis, buy me so I shall be worthy to be worn on your feet................"

Yes I'm lunchin, but you love it though.......................................

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va beach.....


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Tiffs were the only things I camped out for. But I did call DTLR like 3 times a day for 2 weeks asking about the Penny foams. I love going to school in Richmond. Just need to get there at the store opening and you're good. No campouts, standing around, it's awesome.
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Buying the suede Valentines AF1 lows in '03. I searched all day for them & didn't find them. A month later I bought some off Ebay for $115 (the most I've ever spent on sneakers) & would be surprised if I wore them 5 times - I don't collect sneakers so that bothers the hell out of me. After that I started becoming less interested in sneakers.
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I actually have a pretty good track record on this. I've never spent more than $200 on shoes, period.

I haven't even sold a pair of shoes since 2001.

I have NEVER waited overnight for a pair of shoes. The only shoes I've waited more than 1 hour prior to a store opening for was the black/altitude XIII.

The last online "exclusive" I ordered was the nubuck XII package. No "lazer" IV, no Thunder and Lightning, no dub zeros, no "spizz'ikes"...

I don't own a single pair of dunks or any "SB" shoes period.

I've never bought more than 2 of the same shoe (unless I'm buying an extra pair for someone else) except for the "eggplant" flightposites. I ordered them in 9.5 and 10 from footlocker.com before they came out, back when NikePark thought they were extremely rare. Once the package was held up, I went ahead and just bought a pair at a local store. Package arrived... and there you go: 3 pairs. I always planned to sell the other two, but never got around to it.

There really isn't anything in my collection that I'm genuinely disappointed to own. I suppose I'd have to go back to the Hyperflights or the BB4 to find a shoe that I bought mainly because everyone RAVED about how amazing they were for ball... they were quickly removed from active duty and relegated to the outer fringe of the casual rotation. Haven't worn either one in at least 5 years.
camped out for the OLNL (I SWORE i saw hazel there)
advertised :lol:
peak :wow:
at all you fools. I'll stick to driving down south, drama and line free. Clowns b.

I have no confessions.
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I swore no line-up stuff for me when I was living in LA ... I almost gave up on the shoe game when I saw the line for the artist pack (Nelly's/NERDs/Berry's) but then my folks at the stores just started hooking me up (I was living down the street from ValSurf at the time and my man Kareem hooked me up with the buyer) then I had to move to Boston and i had no probs there copped like 4 pair of Olympic forces from Concepts with no prob and Spoungy even gave them to me for $80/pr no tax ...

Then I move back home ...
and I ended up falling pray to the line-up ... But I only did it for the XIII (Black/Altitude) Tiff's and the Spizike's (and I ended up with 2 signed pair

All in all I wasn't mad at any hyped purchases ... just mad that i had to wait in line
My only regret ever is the Nike Safari. They were a little before my time when they originally released in '87 so the retro was my first real experience with them. Saw the hype of NT, bought them, wore them twice, and realized they were kind of flamboyant since I typically dress like a communist so I had to get rid of them. They're a nice looking shoe, they just aren't for me.
I had to think long and hard on this one.

Does copping extra pairs for your peeps include Hype Beasting? if so it would be the Jordan Melo II release where I basically forced my girl at the time and her son to go to PG Plaza, where I was getting a pair of XIX Blacks from Dans store.. but went to Gregs store once I realized they were selling the Melo's earlier than folks thought.

I bought 4 pairs there and Ron sold me 2 more at the Eastover shop.

However.. my biggest Beast moment happened when I first saw the Laker inspired Uptempo's online. I ran *again* to Greg's store in Eastover and bought a few pair on sale for $29 bones..

To the Iverson store.. where a smaller size 8 was on sale for $29 bones.. and then a few off Ebay for $49 bucks.. and I still own 2 pair in a 10.5 and 11.

Other mini Beast moments only occurred at the last minute.. not really wanting a shoe, and then calling Ryan, Kev or someone else last minute seeing if I could work some magic.. but it was only for A pair.. not mulitple.

I always buy 2 pairs of kicks for myself anyway with another 2 pair for the boys.. so I can't consider those HypeBeast moments..
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black laser 4's :smh:

I went all out to get these suckers..than i sold them for vinyl money :pimp:
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Never camped for anything, never really bought anything beastlike, except wanting Infrareds since they came out with the HOA, but finally getting them this year on my b-day.
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I guess when I started "collecting" I had this mentality of being different so I started out buying strictly OG Jordans. Most of which I dont wear anymore and they cost me a nice amount.

Spent an arm and a leg on OG Penny foams about two years ago.

I stayed on the PC for like 6 hours straight so I wouldnt miss out on the Dontrelle Dunks. Love that shoe

Never did anything extreme for shoes except spend too much on them. I do most my shoppin online cause mall gear is open to everyone.

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i remember when the alttitude 13's came out and i went to pg at like 6:30 in the morning...turns out their were already like 50 ppl in line....

so i went to the front to see if i knew anybody and i didn't but to my surprise security was opening the doors so everybody including me bum rushed the door and sprinted to footaction or dtlr i happen to get a nice spot in the footaction line and the two ppl i was with came and got in line behind me

dtlr open around 7:30 i wasn't in that line and didn't even know...i had to stay in line for about 3 hrs. and luckly my friends and i got the last three pairs

when i was in line i kept telling ppl I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN....and since then i have kept my word
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