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...but ron pual though?

His military donations trump everyone elsefor the Q2 of 2011
Although he clashed with other Republican candidates over the nation's foreign policy during the 2008 presidential primary, Congressman Ron Paul outraised every single other presidential candidate in both major parties when it came to donations from the military. With even more of the public seemingly warming up to Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy this time around, it's perhaps no surprise that he's done it again.
Wading through the data in the Federal Election Commission's report for second quarter fundraising this year, activists at the popular Ron Paul website, Liberty Forest, crunched the numbers and reported that their candidate had outraised every single other Republican candidate from sources that list the military as their employer, and had even outraised America's sitting Commander-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Here's the breakdown:
Cain - $6223
Romney - $5000
Bachmann - $2550
Newt - $1025
Pawlenty - $250
Santorum - $250
Johnson - $0

Total GOP (excluding Ron Paul) - $15298.00
Paul - $36739.79
Obama - $28833.99


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