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Jan 14, 2006
from all your personal experiences, normally when u get a pair of shoe shipped from the US using USPS. does it normally just go into ur mailbox- (the bigger compartment), or is there like a note- (recepit thing, from Post office) that they hang on ur door, saying u got something to pickup at the Post Office?
I live in building so the dude at the front desk keeps the package for me. I believe for houses they send a mail dude to your door, if you're not there, they stick a notice on your door/mailbox then you have to go pick it up at the post office yourself.

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my cousin sent me some shoes through usps, and it came directly to my door and my bro signed for it.
from personal experience, USPS leaves the note at my door if they attempt to deliver and no one answers, and i have to go to the post office to pick up my stuff
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^^what time does it usually come to my door? is it normally the same guy that drops off the mail at the mailbox, that will drop your item off?

I just want to know an estimated time, because i want to be there to pick it up instead of going to the post office
If I'm not there they usually leave the damn package on my porch for people to steal. :smh:
Same with Canada Post. :smh:
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ive had plenty of stuff shipped with usps.

from my experience, when i had to pay customs they will not leave the package there and take it to ur nearest postal office.
when i didnt have to pay customs they will jsut leave the package at my front door and yeah for people to steal
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No. You're talking about Canada Post (via USPS) & they don't do weekends or holidays.
^^ so if its just using USPS, do they still come to ur door, or put it in a bigger compartment in ur mailbox. also the person that comes by with ur package, is it the usual Canada Post guy that drops off your mail in the mailbox or is it some other person?
You sound like you've never gotten anything in the mail before - if it is a shoebox do you have a mailbox that would fit it? That is special. SMH come on man. As for the "usual Canada Post person" part of your question sometimes, sometimes not (depends on your mailing area)

Usually if it a shoebox sized package you pay duties if you are home or have to pick it up at the nearest post office, show some ID, and pay for your kicks. Good luck.
^^dun know about ur mailbox, but for mine, we got a shared bigger compartment thats shared with other households around us. and whoever that got a big package that day will get a key in their normal mailbox and u can just grab that key and just open that bigger compartment, grab whatever u got in there and then just dump that key back into the hole in the mailbox where u normally mail letterpost.

But thanks for making everything clear though!!!
once an item leaves the states when shipped via usps it falls under the policies of canada post.So in the states they deliver on the weekends,we dont get that luxury.Fed ex and ups are seperate and have their own policies.Normally canada post leaves a note in your mail box but Ive heard of people's packages left on the front porch.I'm guessing its all subjective you can always go to the post office and ask them not to leave packages on the porch if you arent home(i know usps did that for me in the states) never hurts to ask.
^^ actually, thats not correct...i've received shoes in the SMALLER of the two compartments. although they look small by looking at the door...they are pretty big.
^^ ya today i finally got a good look at the mailbox size and really did kinda think it wouldn't fit. it'd probably fit one of those USPS shoe box but not a normal one. esp. with all the fancy stuff they do with shoe boxes these days, its bigger than the shoe itself.

so pakav3li, did u get ur stuff through the mailbox when u got stuff from ppl. in the states, or just like the rest of us u got it in front of ur door
pak - how are those mili's? I'm kinda missing them
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ziostilon: whenever i get items shipped from the states..its been through usps and it comes straight to my door. the time i received it the package in the mailbox was when i had it shipped from it was in Canada still. they didn't even bother coming to my house...they just dropped it straight in the mailbox (gave me the key to the compartment). and trust me it fit perfectly lol...even in the smaller compartment. the reason being was that it wasn't double boxed. just the regular jordan brand box with paper wrapped around it. its funny b/c i didn't believe it could fit either. the day the shoes arrived i was tracking the package on the canadapost website and it said the shoes arrived. i was like @#%$ i didn't get the damn shoes lol. i was kinda confused so i went to check my mail to be sure even though i didn't think it could fit in there - lo and behold the key was sitting in my mailbox.

jay: the milis are nice bro...but they're a bit too big for me. its kinda weird cause when i bought the pures in my regular size they felt kinda i went up one-half on the milis and they're loose. effin JB
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