Vanilla ice dispells rumors about his beef with Hammer

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Ice holding his own against the pressure... I knew it wasnt true and the media was just trying to attack him. But sadly enough this is what happens when you have 2 huge entities surrounded by a lot of yes men, and even tho they're on tour together, their only communication is through the media

big j 33

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So these are the types of topics we would see on NT if it existed in the early 90s.

I look forward to seeing two dozen "OJ SIMPSON ON THE RUN IN A WHITE BRONCO!!!!" topics later on tonight


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yo he lives rite down tha street from me, real talk, drives a white s550 n a escalade
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in other news Nike released these last year, but am i crazy to think Nike should do re-releases of popular shoes? I mean it would be great if they could bring back good shoes in the same quality and colorways that we love. I know its crazy to think, but these will be huge.
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